An open letter........

I am sorry to interrupt my normally happy, cheerful and for the most part pretty posts to address a few things. This is an open letter, this will mean something to some, and nothing to others and hopefully to the person who has written me more than once with some very insulting and rude comments, you are reading this as well. While I am not going to give in to rehashing over some of the mean spirited comments that were left by a "certain someone"  I do want to set the record straight on a few things once and for all, so please take note. First off, if this blog isn't "your thing"....don't come here. Seems pretty simple to me. I have gotten comments on everything from questioning the size of the home I am building to what charities I support to calling me a fraud living in a make believe world. An "anonymous" commenter (you arent' surprised are you) left me a scathing comment that rattled me, as much as I hate to admit it. And I need to address it as well as address this person directly and you know who you are. A few of your hateful insinuations implied below and I quote the following comment and my comments are highlighted....

Frankly in my opinion not a word you say here is true. I have actually built a home similar to the one you portray here and nothing about your time line, last minute selections etc. seems plausible. Because we all know every home ever built follows the exact same time line, right? YOU don't think its palusible, do I care? Our home took 3 years to complete with similar finishes and detailing. At 12,000 sq feet, there were 84 lighting fixtures to choose--not a canned light in the entire place--not even in the closets or garages and this was done well in advance as was hardware, carpeting, flooring, natural stone, fireplace surrounds, plumbing fixtures (2 kitchens, 11 bathrooms). Well good for you, you obviously were way more on top of things than I am. I believe in taking my time and doing it right and loving every decision I make, if it means it takes a few extra months so be it. Get over it, we might be living with some light bulbs and gasp maybe not having fixtures for awhile in our garage or closets!! Do you even KNOW what I have and haven't ordered? You seem to be making A LOT of presumptions but even still it is MY house and if I want to live with canned lights then I will.  And for the record we are going on over three and a half years since we started this! With all of your last minute decisions 'your" contractor must find this a nightmare. No to the contrary, we have  a wondeful relationship and count him as a friend, he is a phenomenal builder and a person of high standards and integrity.I also question some of your low-end selections for a home of this caliber. As far as I know, every single thing I have done has been of  very high quality, for which I feel very fortunate to have been able to do,  so if you have something specific you want to "call me out on" have at it. And let me tell you with all the effort it took, I for sure would not have had time to take care of my children AND blog like you do plus get around and comment to so many other blogs. Well, thats why you are you and I am me. Some can multi task and others cannot.  If there is one quality I can say I like about myself it is my ability to do A LOT in a day, that said I will also say I enjoy blogland very much and spend more time than I should on some days but that is purely my perogative and if you don't "get' how I do it all, then that is your problem, not mine. Others feel the same way that I do and we are watching you. You are watching me? Oooooh....sounds scary. OK, have fun! I also find your recent drops of oh I did volunteer work this weekend, or I am doing something for a needy family very conveniently thrown in lately...most of us who do regular charity work never casually mention this to bolster our credibility...we keep our mouths shut about it or only highlight it when there is a particular event to showcase or to rally support for. I know what I do and am proud of the little I have done. I believe in being charitable and giving what you can. If I want to talk about ON MY BLOG I WILL. I have spoken of Wounded Warriors Project, and a few other things, I am not saying it for a pat on the back or for accolades, its just something I enjoy doing. I love when I read about others and the charitible work they do, and in fact get inspired by it,  I do not think they are bragging, the insinuation is ridiculous. I challenge you to prove us wrong. You seem to have made a tremendous attempt to validate yourself with VIRTUAL friendships, but never have you talked of meeting another blogger face to face. This is not something I HAVE to do, I will if I want to. Incidentally there are a few  people who I have spoken to who I plan on meeting up with and you know what, I am not going to be talking about it on this blog. Why? Because I dont't want to and have NOTHING to prove to you. Neither do you show anything else that validates your blogging persona--trips to wonderful f=resorts and you have to pull the photos off the websites. I have been fortunate to have taken many fabulous trips to many amazing places (I dont' have to 
"prove" that to you), for the record in Feb. I posted on my trip to France and ugh..those were MY pictures. Since buidling we haven't been away nearly as often as I would liked, so shoot me! I am also private when it comes to certain aspects of my life and will not share family trips or weekend getaways with my husband on this blog. I do not post pictures of my family and other personal aspects of my life by choice. So here is the challenge: invite at least one REAL blogger that we all know to be legitimate to your new home to hang out with you for the day. You don't know me but I would as soon take "your challenge" as I would dye my hair purple and get a mohawk and give up chocolate. I will meet a blogging friend if and when I want to. And when I do I will NOT be talking about it. I have NOTHING to prove to you. Better yet, how about inviting several real bloggers to your slumber party. No thanks.I would be relieved to learn that you are actually a great REAL person and that the enchanted home is not a virtual fantasy of yours or of whomever you work for. Why don't you instead keep believing I am not a real person and that I am living in a makeblelieve world and this house is all a virtual dream and I just go in the middle of the night in camo and warpaint and take pictures and pretend its all mine. and then go back to the little bridge I live under.  I think we are both better off that way, "friends" like you...I DO  NOT WANT OR  NEED!..We all know a sham blog is possible--I and several others I know have been contacted to create blogs for some rather large entities under assumed names and personas to promote their concerns--so it can happen. Well they sure asked the right person didn't they? This is my opinion and I would be very happy and relied to learn that is unsound. Just trying to keep some authenticity here in the blog world.  Really? If you are trying to keep some authenticity in the blog world, try being authentic and OWN YOUR COMMENT and put a name to it, instead of wimping out and signing as an anonymous commenter. If you have a problem then address it to me in an email and we will discuss it like adults but I will not have you come to MY blog and basically imply that I am a sham. NO THANK YOU. 
I do believe the truth comes out, always. I could so easily find out who you are with the IP address I have for you for the comment you left at the exact time you left your comment, but its not worth my time or effort. My suggesion to you? Don't come here anymore. How's that for keeping the blog world authentic.
Very truly yours, Tina
I am sorry to have "wasted" an entire post on this but I had to get it off my chest. As much as I wish I could say this didn't bother me, it did, it really hurt me. I am an honest to the core kind of person and it really surprised me that someone would speak out like this. Anyone who knows me can vouch for this. I needed to address it. I cannot thank the 99.9% of you that are just AMAZING and so supportive, truly you are what makes doing this so much fun. Blogging is such an integral part of my life and I cannot imagine a day not coming here!! I will not let this get me down, I am a fighter and never a quitter, I just felt compelled however to address this in no unspoken terms and if someone has an issue, feel free to email me. Thank you for your support and understanding........

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