Things I am loving Thursday and house updates!!

Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing great this Thursday.....I have had a pretty good week, especially since I have been headache free for the last three days, yippee!! Amazing how you take for granted things like good health and feeling well. I am convinced that much of this is stress induced, and no doubt stress has triggered a lot of these headaches. But enough of the headache talk, moving on, hope you are well. There is a lot going on of course at the house, the front entrance is really moving and shaking now and has totally transformed the front facade of the house, its exciting to see it nearly done though the scaffolding is blocking the view, its looking really beautiful. 
Inside, upstairs dare I say parts of the the second floor are DONE! The boys rooms and a guest room is completed including the carpet. That is very exciting! However downstairs is a whole other story. The goal was to have the kitchen, family room and breakfast room done by Thanksgiving. I think we are going to be just about there but if so it will be Thanksgiving eve. At midnight. LOL, in other words at this point I have resigned myself to the fact that I may not be having my Thanksgiving turkey in my new house BUT I will be having my Christmas turkey there! That much I know for sure. we go with this weeks happenings. Would love to know if there is something exciting going on where you are or if you have discovered something wonderful.....Lots to cover today and forewarning, this is a rather lengthy post. Pour yourself a second cup of coffee:)

First congratulations to the lucky winner of the Scout Deano tote! I used random picker to determine a winner, and the lucky winner is...........

Prize IDWinner IDPublic InfoPrivate InfoRandom Sorting IDWeight
1: TOTE474232Travelkate

Step right up to claim your prize. Please email me and let me know which pattern you want and I will arrange to have your bag sent to you. Enjoy! Moving right along......

Results from this weeks "which would you choose"......I was thrilled to see the first place as that was one of my top three picks too. All lovely, not a bad one in the bunch in my book. Thanks for participating...we had a record number!

                                                      1 ST PLACE WITH 52 VOTES




HOUSE UPDATES. I present to you today, the finished bedrooms and baths of the boys, this is very exciting to have some completed spaces!! I got one sample of the smaller knob for pantry and so glad I went with my gut on that one, so appreciate all your input, I know to some it seemed trivial but to me, it was important. Wallpaper ordered for powder rooms, very pleased with my choices. Family room and breakfast room has been painted. Front entrance is the big news around here this week, so included several pictures. Most surfaces and completed rooms are now swathed in paper and plastic so not much to photograph, but here is what I have.....A little frustrating as much of the house is now "under wraps" so the posts might be a little light over the next week or two. I am sad to say I don't think I will be there by Thanksgiving seeing that its next week. Yes I am so anxious to be there but at some point you also tell yourself you are only capable of making so much happen, the rest you just need to let it go. And that, my friends is what I am doing, letting it go, trying to be patient and sit tight. Easy it is not. We are working as fast and furious as we possibly can to get in ASAP. 

Close up
Got a quick shot with my IPhone when it was quickly uncovered between the rain!

The infamous knob, this is the smaller one

Front door

Rear foyer door

Bedroom #1
Close up, light tan with navy dots
The vanity/bathroom for that room
Bedroom  #2
Close up, light and medium tan woven through

Bathroom for that bedroom
Bedroom #3

Bathroom for that room

Guest room

Back stair hall getting the "limed effect" over glaze

Laundry room in process
Door color
Against the floor
Close up with subtle taupe glaze
Chevron onyx floor in library powder room, waiting on border

Doors for laundry room awaiting glazing
Looking to front entrance 

A GREAT BOOK ABOUT TRAVELING THROUGH ITALY. Next best thing to being there, and a little bit of therapy in a book! I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed it. Aptly named "Go slow Italy" it is about taking the slow road through Italy's countryside (sounds good already, huh) and how to unplug and relax and enjoy the ride.  It reads like the journal of a friend that talks about the best of Italy's local offerings from local intimate hotels to quaint restaurants all embracing the sustainable food movement. Hear about innkeepers and vintners, you get the idea...yes, very worth the read if this is your sort of thing.... It is very much mine. A keeper! (I also bought one as a gift for Christmas for someone who  I know also enjoys this kind of book)

LIGHTING FOR MY FAMILY ROOM. As the one room we are planning out is coming together, we are working on lighting. This room calls for iron lighting of a very large scale. My architect had something slightly Gothic in mind as it goes so well with the architecture of the room. These are all from the exquisite handwork of Arte De Mexico.  Here are a few samples of a few fixtures and sconces that are the direction we are heading into...thoughts?

LETTERPRESS STATIONERY. I have been a long time fan of stationery. All kinds. Seriouly nuts for it. Whether or not I need it. I just love looking at it. I know in my next life I must be a party planner. I love and have an undying obsession with flowers, cakes and especially stationery. Duh...need to be a party planner. Letter press stationery makes my knees week, does it have that effect on you? Check out this gorgeousness from The lettered Olive, even the name I love!  Click here to visit their site and swoon some more.

A GREAT SITE FOR GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS. I hate to admit it but I am surrendering myself to the fact that Christmas is approx. six weeks ago and its not going away. So in addition to thinking about moving, I have the holiday frenzy to contend with. Therefore I am staritng now and I am starting online. Making it as easy on myself as possible! I LOVE Erin Condren. I have found so many amazing gifts there! I ordered the life planner for two people who lead super busy lives after rave reviews about this hold everything must have planner, the Lucite tray where you can download a favorite family picture and turn it into a beloved use everyday tray,ordered a few iPhone cases, an Ipad sticker for my niece, there really is something for everyone and it was soooo great to find so many unique gifts that showed I spent time and thought behind them! Click here to visit Erin Condren. Below a sampling of some of their goodies!

The lucite tray with a favorite picture, a great keepsake!

The Ipad "skin" personalized (how great are these, you only have to supply the pictures)!! Got the last one for my college aged niece.

The Iphone skin personalized with either names or pictures

The life planner book either with a picture or your name as below

Another option for the phone case

Personalized notepads, ordered for a few people, these are fun and everyone needs them!

A FEW DEALS AND STEALS ON ONE KINGS LANE. Do you ever shop on this site? I don't too often though lately have been more so. I in the last few days since I have been headache free, have been trying to get organized and get a headstart on Christmas shopping. A few things I bought that were great looking and great deals were these wine coolers and cashmere slippers (if anyone is reading this, I would't mind a pair myself)! Great gifts, don't you think?

THE CUTEST CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS. How cute are these wellies ornaments? I got them for my two nieces who I know will flip out over them and then how could I not get my beloved nephew a video game controller ornament if I am getting them wellies? Too cute and soooo fitting for their personalities!

FUN RETURN ADDRESS LABELS. Ordered a few for gifts and one for myself. Unique things on this site. How cute are these? Shop to your hearts content, on everything from stationery, embossers, stamps, gifts, etc.....its a great little company!! Right now they are offering 15% sitewide and free shipping! Great time to stock up on gifts.....happy shopping! Click here to visit.



Those family stickers to use wherever, cars, boats, trains, planes

Letterpress monogrammed personal notes
Cute personalized paperweights, fun for teachers

Fun personalized stamp stationary sets

A BEAUITFUL DESSERT. This has nothing to do with anything but how beautiful and elegant is this fig tart? I want to replicate it. I don't know where I found it, but I know I love it. It is so pretty and I bet its delicious too. What do you think?

OK, I think I have talked quite enough about shopping for now and don't even get me started on the subject of food, there willl be no stopping me! But whether we like it or not, the season is upon us and I for one, am not going to find myself in the lurch that I did last year, practically on the verge of a nervous breakdown, still searching for gifts Dec.23rd! No thank you. I want to be done and completed by Dec. 1st. I think I can do it. Thanks to e-commerce its easier than ever. Any great tips you want to share? Sites you have discovered that you recommend?  Spill the beans and don't hold back.....Share it with us! Wishing you all a wonderful day!!


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