Enchanted guest #1...say hi to Kate from Party Resources

Good morning. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I did, went to a wonderful Christmas party, had dinner with great friends, had some time to relax and take Teddy for a long walk, and even did some Christmas shopping! I will be featuring various wonderful guest posts from some of my uber talented blogging friends off and on for the next two weeks leading up to Christmas. The idea was that we were hopefully going to be moving and that I was going to have my guests fill in for me while I was busy getting settled in but that plan has been slightly derailed until after Christmas. Though we aren't moving for at least a few weeks now,  I am still in packing mode in addition to being in the full swing of Christmas so these guests posts are a lifesaver!!

To kick things off I welcome talented, wonderful Kate. You are in for a mega treat today. Kate is the talent behind Party Resources, my most favorite blog for entertaining and party deliciousness!! Kate is here today to talk about "Whats on your tray" for the perfect Holiday dinner starting with the cocktail hour. taking you all the way to decadent desserts.  Get ready to feast your eyes on this scrumptious post! Thank you Kate and take it away........

I am thrilled to bring the party over to Tina's today. Don't you just love her? If you know my blog, then you know I love to entertain - especially during the holidays. It is a hectic time for everyone, so plan ahead and do things in advance. What's on my tray for a holiday party? Let's take a peek..

While a well stocked bar is a must, I also love to serve a signature cocktail. Our friend Peter Callahan's CRANBERRY MARTINI is perfect for this time of year. 

My motto for cocktail nibbles is something that pairs well with drinks and is simple to prepare!

The Union Square Cafe has the best recipe for spiced bar nuts I have ever found. Really. Truly. RECIPE

And a Cheese Board with assorted crackers, dried fruit, etc. 

Along with one hot passed hors d'oeuvre - HAM AND GRUYERE THUMBPRINTS

Main Course
If I had to pick one favorite recipe for entertaining during the winter months that is always a huge hit (and can be made the day before), it is Ina Garten'sBEEF BOURGUIGNON. (I skip the pearl onions.) Topped with fresh chopped parsley and paired with lots of crusty bread.

HARICOTS VERT with Shallots

Followed by an arugula salad with shaved parmesan in a balsamic vinaigrette 

I always serve champagne or Prosecco with dessert. 

Accompanied by homemade ALMOND BARK with Sea Salt 

To top off the decadent meal - CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT CAKE with Praline Crunch and vanilla ice cream

Hope this inspires your holiday entertaining! Merry! Merry! 

Well Kate, you have me quite hungry right about now. My bowl of oatmeal waiting is just not cutting it!  And not just for any meal....I am talking a full blown mega decadent and delicious sounding one like the elegant meal you have planned above....there is not a single thing there that I wouldn't be thrilled to indulge in! I might even want to start backwards and start by "nibbling" on the chocolate bark and chocolate hazelnut cake....yum!! Many thanks for stopping in and offering your elegant take on the perfect holiday foods to offer during this festive season. Love all of your wonderful ideas and thank you for sharing some of the recipes! Please be sure to visit Kate over at Party Resources where there is a  whole host of wonderful posts about delectable foods and elegant entertaining.
Wishing everyone an enchanted day!

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