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Good morning everyone. I continue with my bevy of incredible guest posts from some pretty amazing guest bloggers/friends as we near the big move in day! Today, I am thrilled to have a wonderful and very much a "knock your socks off post" from Debra of Acquired Objects. Debra, who deals with the most exquisite antique textiles, is someone I consider to be a discerning expert on all things design. Her website is full of the most amazing tapestries, and pillows and I highly suggest you not only visit her blog but look at her beautiful antique textile offerings, Oreillers  as well. Debra, many thanks for helping me out as we begin our move and to all my readers, thanks for stopping by and hope you will also visit Debra and tell her how much you enjoyed this post.....which I know you will! So lets get started......

Hello everyone, I’m Debra from over at Acquired Objects and I'm so honored to be here. Tina is busy preparing to move into her stunning new home so while she's busy for the next few weeks bloggers' near and far will be helping her out with posts.

Sky’s the Limit
After renovating our carriage barn for my new studio I know it can be slightly intimidating facing a large open empty space. I also know how quickly an over sized space can dwarf furniture. Because Tina’s new home has really big rooms with sky high ceilings I thought it would be nice to give a few ideas for taming those rooms. So this post is for you Tina….
 Elle Decor
Rooms with tall walls and high ceilings pose a decorating challenge: they must be furnished and accessorized with large-scale pieces so that the space is balanced.
Don't decorate an over sized room with lots of small items, and you will avoid a feeling of clutter. One or two over sized decorative accents will stand out better and provide the correct proportion.

 Jean-Loup Daraux Elle Decor
Keep it simple: Just because the room is large does not mean that you need to fill it with lots of things

   Elle Decor, 2011
Break it up: Break the room into two or three zones

          Axel Vervoordt, Timeless Interiors

The higher the wall, the greater the chance is that your artwork will look overly small and dwarfed so keep it big.
        En Passant Par La Demeure
   John Saladino

Mr. Saladino kept things in proportion by working his way down from the ceiling. Notice how large the books on the mantle are in comparison to other objects in the room. The basket beside the fireplace and the lamp are over sized before making its way to normal sized furniture.

John Saladino

Building with Reclaimed Materials

Large pieces of art work well to bring the ceiling height downward.
                   Designer Cherry Curlet

A grouping of artwork works the same way as a large single piece of artwork
Designer Kara Childress
     Designer Jean Ellen Russell

I hope a few of these tips helps you out Tina or anyone with a huge space, I know they’ve been invaluable to me.

Thank you for having me over Tina!

Wow, this was AMAZING, Debra!! One breathtaking picture after the other, truly impressive post. I am feeling so ready and excited about furnishing my bigger rooms now, and no doubt feel much more confident with your wonderful tips and advice shown here. I love all of your ideas and your wonderful and tasteful flair surely did this post justice. Thank you so very much, click here to see more beautiful inspiration from Debra! Thanks everyone and wishing you all a wonderful day.

Also if you missed what I believe is my final house updates post, click here. Best is yet to come!


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