London calling!

Good morning friends! I wish London was calling me, but it is to my friend, darling Wendy of Twist of Lime.   She asked me about places to go in London but despite my having been to Europe several times, believe it or not, I never made it to London. Why? Good question!  I am definitely hoping to change that in 2012! is the lowdown. If you have been and can help, she will be so grateful. I know my readers are amazing with a capital A and are always willing to help out and share information when they have it.  Its a last minute trip and she is ready for action and exploration. Any and all ideas welcome!!

Take it away Wendy.......

Hi its Wendy from Twist of Lime.....I asked Tina for some ideas,. and although Tina has traveled extensively through Europe, she has not had the pleasure of visiting London! This is my first time too, so in light of my trip in less than 2 weeks and hopefully Tina's trip later this year, hoping you can help!

I am thinking that Tina's loyal readers can help me with some 411 on London and helping me discover all there is to do in this fabulous city!

So please if you have been can you  tell us...

Where to do shop, eat, sightsee, play?

What are the lesser known treats in the London?

Where is the best place for High Tea?

Do you have a favorite pub that serves Fish and Chips?

What are a few "absolute must dos"?

Any customs that are important to know ahead of time?

Any one restaurant I shouldn't miss?

Thank you so much in advance for any and all information you can share. I so appreciate it. Can't wait to march along to the London beat!

Just posting this has me craving a trip to London. Lucky you Wendy! Looks like so much fun, and do tell "Elizabeth" I said hello...... the queen mother of course! What a fabulous city.......don't forget to share your highlights with us in the comments section if you've been so Wendy can take notes! Thanks from both Wendy and I  and wishing you all a wonderful day. Tally ho!

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