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Good Thursday afternoon, well at 4pm almost evening.......This week has been really busy, a lot of "stuff" but not the fun kind of stuff we all love like decorating, and window treatments and beautiful textiles, gorgeous fixtures,  fluffy pillows and those kinds of things, more like plumbing and electrical issues, going through the whole house and putting the registers in, touching up on the paint in all the rooms....yea that kind of boring stuff. But in between all this boringness, I did manage to start thinking about fabrics for my kitchen and am here today to share with you a few stool contenders as well as some fabrics I am liking.  As usual you know I love your opinions!

Today is one of those "everythings getting on my nerves day", there is someone working in every corner of the house that is important to me, i.e. my bedroom, my bathroom, the kitchen and when I finally figured I could escape to the alcove near the guest room...bam! someone was there too.......not the most relaxing day today so concentrating on getting distracted in blogland!

Part of the fun of opening up boxes after being in storage for years is rediscovering some goodies. I was so excited to see a lantern that I had bought right before we sold our house (remember we sold it without it being on the market) so it happened unexpectedly. Anywho, loved these lanterns and never had the chance to hang it. SO it was put away for safe keeping. What I dont' remember though is having bought two! So I was very excited to discover a pair. And then it dawned on me....why not put them up in the kitchen at least for now until my permanent fixtures come out which are now back ordered until April? And you know what, they look pretty darn good. I absolutely love the fixture, the etching is spectacular and ironically reminiscent of my beautiful William Yeoward cake plate!! See, there are no mistakes!! So here's a bunch of random odds and ends.......

I am like a kid in a candy store with fabrics!

Palette for master, carpet is ivory strange colors here (still trying to figure out my Nikon and way too impatient to read the manual like normal people, sorry!
The big pieces is wallpaper, the front is carpet, the left is a velvet stripe (thinking for bench) and right could be pretty on a pair of chairs, still in the "playing stage" but fabric and carpet I love

Hallway uncovered, isn't the Windex bottle a nice touch? You know me, its either Charmin, Nyquil or Windex....I really should be getting something out of that, lol.
This is looking from once you walk in front door
Topiaries are not staying, just there hanging out till they find a home elsewhere

This is the type of window treatment I was referring to for my bathroom.....

I really like this hutch in a painted blue/gray finish with the matching desk for my small home office...thoughts? (Safavieh)
So heres the lanterns I told you about, first he hung them way too high, in a few pics you will see them at their proper height.....

Etching looks familiar, eh?
Another fabric I am really liking.....will show you stools in a bit

Lowered......much better
Meet my newest friends, "the twins"......need to find just the right spot

They even look good next to the fabric in the background

Please take note of fabric and imagine on upholstsered stools......

Found a spot for my other pair of antique blue and whites

The twins still there, waiting patiently for their turn!

See what you think about the fabric........

imagine that fabric on these stools (this is one of three stools I am considering) I would change the wood base to a dark dark wood or black to match island. It was funny because Bonnie Neiman sent these as an idea and I already had them in my file as one of three possible stools .as I told her, great minds think alike!  Thoughts? Is it a like? A love?

And to show my devotion to all things blue and white, check out the new iPhone cover I am ordering from Pink Pagoda......(Jennifer from Belclaire house featured it)

Think I am going with this one...though they are both quite pretty!!

Click here if you want one too!

So that's it for today, still doing lots of unpacking, and less organizing than I should,  but am managing to do a little every day. I apologize for pictures that felt repetitive, frankly it has more to do with my stubborness in getting the right lighting with my camera and settings, and some are accurate while others are not, hence the repetition!  I am wiped and am going to take a long coffee break and visit some of my favorite blogs now....important to pace yourself! Hope you are having a fantastic day.....until we meet again! 


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