Random Saturday musings and a few updates

Hi there...how is your weekend going? The weather has gone from almost summer like to "not being able to put on my winter coat on fast enough" weather..go figure. Finally after two days of gloomy gray skies the sun is out but its cool. Went for an early morning walk which was wonderful, despite my cold hands! However spring is in sight, no matter what old man winter wants to say about it. This is a random post of odds and ends, starting with a few new things around the house and some fun things going on with my store. What about you? What are you up to this weekend? We are having dinner with friends, my oldest son is getting home after an almost three week trip to China, Thailand, Malaysia (business) and I cannot wait to hear all about it! Hopefully he is bringing me home a boatload of blue and white....LOL!  So first some  house biz......

I got my first room of wallpaper up! Granted its a teeny tiny room, but its still a room!  I was so excited as it was for my tiny office nook/computer room. This is a small vestibule off the master which makes for great late night computer work since I am a scaredy cat and there's no way you would find me downstairs alone at night. Its small but cozy and enough for a new desk and hutch. I would like to add a small chandelier and will add some cute decorative accessories. Also right now we have hardwood but looks like I am finally winning the battle and getting wall to wall...woo hoo! It just feels sooo much better on your feet, don't you think?

So first here was my inspiration...... in terms of color and soft feminine feel

And here is my room coming together......
Phil the paper hanger doing his thing!

One wall and my new hutch/storage 

And the other wall done with my new pale gray painted desk from Safavieh

No worries to all you OCD'ers, I fixed the lampshade, made me a bit nuts too....:)

Moving on...its the season of flower and I love spring if not for that reason alone...I love white especially. Got more white azaleas and potted them in one of my signature engraved silver cache pots..what do you think?

And we decided to keep the dining room rug, so are going full steam ahead in starting this room. A few inspirations

Chinoiserie on the walls, want it to have this tea stained kind of effect

I don't know what it is or if its a sign of the times..but now I have gotten word that "my already 3 month late in getting here" lanterns for the kitchen, are now back ordered until AUGUST! It was supposed to be April. Apparently they switched manufacturers and now its August. I am sitting tight but I do love the bell jars and may end up even keeping them. But its annoying!! First it was the master wallpaper, then my bathroom sconces (now backordered until late April) and now this.....
So here are my sconces that I am patiently waiting on for my bathroom

And  the front entry got completed...they have been working on this for the last 10 days. Love it, it really "completes the house". There are a few other things that need to be done to the exterior but slowly they are getting done. Also so nice to see some sign of life again in the yard! Check out the daffodils! Hot off the presses...these pics from my walk this morning!

Like that lightbulb fixture, huh? No worries....we arent' trying to make a fashion statement it will be replaced soon!

This will be a small side patio one day off breakfast room, the planters were all part of the original house..even the boxwoods, we are so happy to be able to use them all!

A small pond/fountain that we will restore

You know who doing his thing......

I love this early morning light, with the sky a little dusty

Teddy ready to call it a wrap......

When I tried to get him to come out so I could wash his feet, he looked at me like I was nuts

Wow he is suspicious!!!!

And finally, some wonderful goodies that were added to the store yesterday. I must say its awfully hard when you fill a store only with things you love.....you get my drift, lol! If you haven't visited please stop in and take a look. Click here to visit.

By now you  know my obsession with beautiful silver pieces! I love this line.these are smallish trays so perfect for a vanity, dressing area, bar or small console. Lovely, huh?

Added these gorgeous pillows.....oh how I love great pillows.

And a few new porcelain and hand painted tole containers.....

And would love some feedback from all you savvy tastemakers...what do you think of these? I am thinking of adding these to my online store. All very well priced to boot. Yes or no?

Love these for my sons room! A pair for under 100.

How great for a wine cellar, pantry or even a library or family room? Under 100 for 2.

Who can't use another tray and if its in French you know its fabulous!

Another style

Was thinking of these and for urns and orchids

Pretty for a ladies vanity.dressing area or even a pair or grouping on a table

Love the beautiful etching, a detail I am always drawn to

Pretty brackets?

Fun book bookends at a great price point?

Cute black lab bookends?

I always love hearing from you and your feedback. Whats exciting you these days? Hope whatever you do, that you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!! Thanks for stopping in......

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