Which would you choose?

Good morning to you! So how was your weekend? Ours was busy, but great. Went to an elegant party, if it wouldn't have drawn so many stares (and questions) I wish I would have had my camera:) Isn't it funny (and only bloggers can relate to this) but now everything I do I relate to wanting to share on my blog, if I see something totally fab or go somewhere so beautiful....the first thing I think about is sharing it so you all can see it too! Anywho.....

I don't know about you but typically this time of year I find myself craving a vacation. Coming off the heels of the stresses of moving, a vacation sounds so good right now! Plus the weather has been wacko, with it feeling like summer knocking on the door one day and then plunging into the 50's like it did the last two days...go figure!  Add that to yet another reason why I need a vacation.We might be planning a short getaway with friends in May...fingers crossed!
 So time to play along here....ready? Imagine this, you have just been granted by the vacation God, a trip to...anywhere you heart pleases. You can go for one week, all expenses, meals, and accommodations paid. Heck..shes (yes that's right its a SHE)  even including unlimited spa treatments! So, where would you go? Are you craving a total Calgon take me away kind of trip, or an active Safari kind of trip, maybe a bustling city speckled with lots is shopping kind of trip? Well..time to take a look at the offers and tell me which you would choose! I know I have my eye on one or two already.......bon voyage!

CHOICE 1 A ranch vacation...luxury style

Rock Creek

CHOICE 2 an exotic island in the Mediterranean

CHOICE 3 A ski getaway...
Park Hyatt, Beaver Creek

CHOICE 4 A Safari perhaps?
Marataba Safari, South Africa

CHOICE 5 An exotic locale?
Taj Tashi Thimphu, Bhutan

CHOICE 6 Tropical and melt your troubles away Grenada
Spice Island, St. George's Grenada

CHOICE 7 Scenic and surreal Greece
St. Nicolas Bay, Crete Greece

CHOICE 8 Cool and sophisticated Miami
Mandarin Oriental, Miami Florida

CHOICE 9 Serene and chic in Utah
St. Regis Deer Valley, Utah

CHOICE 10 The French Riviera!
Cote D'Azur, France

CHOICE 11 A bit more exotic?

CHOICE 12 Hawaiian Hiatus?
Four Seasons, Maui

CHOICE 13 A Tuscan getaway!

CHOICE 14 Escape to Provence?

CHOICE 15 Nirvana in Napa!

Seriously...my heart says any of them but somehow Provence, Tuscany or Napa is where I could really see being most deliriously happy. Well wait a minute, I do love Maui! And bankrupt or not I have always wanted to go to Greece....OK just choose for me!  Not a bad choice amongst them and a vacation of virtually any kind sounds splendid right now. OK, your turn...which would you choose!!

And by the way do you want to know who the three most popular choices were for the "Which would you choose" last week? The one where I asked which designer you would choose to hand over your home to? They were no surprise, David Easton, Charles Faudree and John Jacob. Surprised? No, nor am I. Not a bad one in that bunch though and I am pleased to say every single one of them got a respectable number of votes and with good reason! Wishing you a wonderful day.


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