25 marbleous reasons why I love white marble!

Good morning!! If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know my obsession with white marble. For me personally, there simply is no substitute. So, when I have gotten, over time, too many emails to count inquiring about white marble, maintenance, what made me choose it, how its holding up, other possibilities,etc..... I have explained that there simply wasn't a second choice for me......whatever maintenance might be required, was considered a "labor of love" in my book. White marble is the ultimate, timeless, classic, GORGEOUS and works literally with every style home. You simple cannot go wrong people! 

Having lived in my house now for almost 4 months..WOW, I can hardly believe it, I can tell you that the marble is doing beautifully. I am really happy with the sealer that both my installer and fabricator highly recommended and deemed 'best in the market", Dupont Impregnantor sealer which is great for all marbles and limestone's (but of course check with your installer to be sure he agrees)! White marble is as beautiful in a bathroom as it is on kitchen countertops as it is in foyer floor. It just rocks no punt intended.

 So....today 20 beautiful reasons why I am a fan forever in the marble fan club....what do you think? Do you have it? Would you want it? I always reference the way its used in Europe, on everything from the famed Spanish steps where thousands and thousands of feet walk every day to all the pizzerias, cafes, bakeries,etc......its everywhere and still standing! I think that might be the best example as to its endurance and how beautiful it looks even after hundreds of years, there aren't many things you can say that about.  So here we go.......

A few pictures of white marble in my own home, clearly I am a fan for life..................

I used it on my very large island and on the perimeter countertops

Love how classic white marble looks in any kitchen!

Subtle but just enough, I used Calcutta Gold, a white marble with soft gray and gold veining

I put it on my backsplash along with oversized subways in a framed herringbone "picture" behind my range

I truly cannot imagine having used any other material!
Love this exquisite sink carved out of a slab of Carerra...fabulous! Pinterest
The classic look of white marble "bricks" works in kitchens that are both very traditional and more transitional, like this one. Style at Home

Love seeing these gorgeous subways all the way up! Simply Pix
Love how the apron on this tub was done in a white marble herringbone design...stunning! J. Steinberg design
A stunner of a tub done in white honed marble, Veranda
White marble is an excellent and dramatic choice for an entry foyer, Atlanta homes and lifestyles
Whether in bricks or a huge slab as shown above....it always is a showstopper!

The intricate patterns that marbles are being made into nowadays is quite incredible! Jay Gleysteen archictects
A white marble mantle always work in any style/color room, J.K. Place hotel
This bathoom which belongs to Betty Lou Phillips, swathed
in white marble head to toe is fabulous 
Who said white marble is just for kitchens and baths! How about in a laundry room.....

Something so peaceful and ethereal about an all white kitchen adorned with white marble countertops
White marble looks incredible on top of dark colored cabinetry, HB
White marble rules in this beautiful kitchen, Christopher Peacock
So pretty..a fully enclosed white marble bath HB (love the sconces but I would feel nervous with those above my head while taking a bath)!
How about this gorgeous white marble sculpted sink? Yes please!
White marble really pops on top of a colored piece of cabinetry, Palm Beach Social
Love the idea of mixing marble slabs with a gorgeous patterend intricate floor like this one (New Ravenna floor) by Jennifer Eisenstadt
White marble in an all white bathroom is just a timeless classic, Country Living

Hundreds year old marble steps in Europe...still looks amazing! I rest my case!

Phew.....that stuff is gorgeous and I never get tired of seeing in all the many ways it can be used. I mean I even get excited visiting marble yards, strange? Maybe but I am a fan all the way through and to me, there simply is no substitute! What about you? Do you love it as much as I do? Have a favorite? Wishing everyone a marbleous day, lol..couldn't resist!

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