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Hi there...time for my random musings and I have a lot to say so consider this a forewarning, this is one long post. Take an extra few minutes, kick back and relax!! Hope things are going well over there...here things are starting to calm down. Our gas lines are easing, power is just about back everywhere, trees are getting cut but make no mistake there is still tremendous need and so much loss. I continue to look for ways to help/contribute because I know for way too many,  the word "normal" is many months away. Thoughts and prayers go out to anyone in Sandy's path still dealing with the devastation and destruction. 
I was in Boston last weekend and one of the fun things I got to do was meet up with my buddy, Amy from Maison Decor. I call her Superwoman because well, there's simply nothing she can't do, she is super talented, has a fabulous eye, and just opened up not one but TWO amazing stores in the Boston area. When Amy does something...she goes all the way!  She is the "go to" person for Annie Sloan's chalk paints and has all these amazing workshops, I hope I get to attend one one day, it would be worth the drive! 
She makes everything look so easy and  I am in awe every time I visit her. She is one of those people who might talk about painting a room in the morning and by night, its a done deal. She has a newly painted room, the furniture's been put back....yep, one of those..... a doer!! Here's some highlights form her beautiful store  in downtown Boston.....she is now selling online too, so click here to visit and see her gorgeous assortment of French goodies. Thanks Amy for a fun visit!
Come on inside.....

There is pretty Amy "doing her thing".......shes such a happy shopkeeper!

This is kind of like an "artists alley"..its lined with loads of galleries and restaurants.....neat!

This brick wall is paying homage to art, and the freedom to express.....
A close up of the wall

  And my pretty goodies I took home with me from Amy's shop......can never have too many gorgeous silver water pitchers, can you!
And she was so sweet to give me a gift...gilding wax/paste! I love this product. OMG..you could go a little bonkers with it and forewarning a teeny tiny bit goes a loooong way. It allowed me to touch up on a spot on my bed, a frame and then I set my sights on "enchancing" the ant. brass hardware new to my island. I love it but remember thinking I wish it was 20% brighter...well this magic paste did just the trick! I had such fun going to town.....its subtle but noticeable. Thanks Amy:)

First cup bin is done...see the extra little "pop"

Can you believe in the middle of all the hurricane chaos, we attended a black tie wedding? And not just any black tie wedding but a fancy schmancy one at the infamous Plaza no doubt! It was spectacular beyond words...they must have bought up every orchid this side of the hemisphere but part of me felt a little guilty about celebrating when there was so much suffering going on around us. Here's a quick pic I snuck with my iPhone..... 
The grand ballroom decked out in gold and orchids......gorgeous!
Chocolate.  Please do not even tell me you don't like it. I cannot be your friend if that's the case. I LOVE chocolate. Have you ever had See's candy? SO good! My mom and I both are big fans and I always give her a box for almost any holiday. I went to their website and they did the most clever thing...you can now customize the chocolate selections for your very own box. No more throwing out the cherries and half bitten ones that make you go "ewwhhh".  How smart is that? So if you are a nut and caramel girl, you can have an entire box of them! I know I am going to be taking advantage of this wonderful "perk".......love the idea of customizing your own box of chocolates. And trust me, people they are good. Heavenly, can't stop at just one good. Click here to create a box of chocolates for yourself for the ones you love.
Another one of my blogging friends, Mandi from Interior Design Musings published such a wonderful gift giving post, it was too good to not share! Seriously I want one of everything...this rocks!! Only bad thing is it kinda makes you concentrate on gift giving to yourself:)

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching (yikes!), it seems holiday shopping is in full swing.  So, here are my favorite picks for the season. 

So the talent just keeps on coming.....just wait till you see this next tidbit. A mega tidbit.  I wanted to create a "The Enchanted Home" logo of some sort, one I could possibly use on my blog but really to have printed up notepads/thank you's to include with my orders. I knew what I wanted in my head but needed to bring it to reality. I knew just who to ask....Jeanne of I dream of. She is a super talented lady....the first time I saw one of her drawings, I was sucked right in.

Loved her technique, and soft approach to her paintings and drawings. I always click on over to any new post knowing I am in for a decadent treat. So we worked together the last few weeks and I got my finished product. And guess what! They are exactly as I had envisioned them in my head....love love love them! Soon all my orders will have an enclosure with a little  note of thanks bearing one of these gorgeous images.....how to choose just one? I can't so I am going to use all three and switch it up! Check them out......Thanks Jeanne, you are awesome! Click here to visit her blog and get contact information.
I took my front door and used it as inspiration for this one.....and added my own "future" planters of what I see flanking the side of the door
Her interpretation was spot on!

My guest room.. not totally done but getting there. I wasn't satisfied with the pics from the last time as they were taken with my iPhone so here's some better shots taken with my camera.....

Interior shot.....has to look good from all angles!

Its all int the details...this pretty decorative tape was a nice compliment to trim the edges

Love our nightstands, which are from France......
 And I experimented with the two toile pillows in front too....also so pretty!

A little store biz. I am getting a big batch of monogrammed linens soon, they make a great gift for the holidays. And monogrammed soap, necklace and candle orders will be taken right up until Dec. 14th to guarantee Christmas delivery. I am going to be taking a brief hiatus around Dec. 23rd to get the household ready for the holidays and will be processing orders right up to around Dec.22nd. As usual any questions, you may have please feel free to contact me and ask away!

Dough bowls..got a nice surprise. A really nice surprise!  Got a few extra. The 12 I got were sold almost immediately but I do have as of last night 2 small, 4 med and 2 large! Take a look at how pretty.......since there were many emails, at this point I will say its first come first serve. If interested kindly email me here.

Love this big handpainted tole tub...only two $140 each

Got in six more of the Chateau trays 24 x 16  $90..big and perfect for serving and/or display!
Got a few new styles of napkin rings...these are so great looking! Remember if you want these for Christmas your order must be in no  later than Nov. 24th for a guaranteed Christmas delivery. All styles featured on my posts are available even if you don't yet see them in the online store.Seriously these just get prettier and prettier.......
 Bear pulling basket of fruit
 Bear and bee hive
 Adorable pooch (not sure what kind?) with his doggie bowl
Cat painting at his easel.....check the detail!
LOVE these!!

I do love my planters, I love changing them out seasonally.Starting to "experiement" and have to say I am loving the result.....a sneak peek, but only one...as I am devoting an entire post to this next week:)
 I line the entire bottom with scented pine cones, it looks pretty and smells fabulous!

I am very happy to announce that my New Arrivals will be updated with a bunch of gorgeous fresh products, most of them are limited availability ( a few of each item) but some really fabulous pieces by next Tuesday...not too early to be thinking of gifts though if you are like me you are normally thinking about what you would like to buy yourself

Told you this was long. When I ramble.....I raaaaaamble! What happens is I start this at the beginning of the week and add on throughout the week and by the end, well I have a lot to say! Hope you are still with me and if you reading this, you get a special bonus for being a devoted reader and I really really appreciate and thank you for that! Wishing everyone a fabulous and relaxing weekend. Be back on Monday or Tuesday......

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