Readers holiday homes....and it will knock your stockings off!

I start again to ask that we all keep the town of Newtown, the families grieving an unbearable loss and our great country that is in mourning in our prayers. It is so unimaginable and to have seen the interfaith service and hear those names being read off, made it so "real". I know like all of you , we are all busy with the holiday hustle and bustle and that does not stop but I do hope we can take just a minute out of our day to pray for those left grieving, that God will light the dark path they are walking right now. God has called all of those that died home.......and we must hold them as well as their families in our hearts.

 Good morning.....OK you must sit back, relax, grab another cup of coffee and take this all in with your full concentration. This has turned out to be a long post, chock full of magnificent pictures. I am just going to come right out and say readers simply have the most superb taste. I was not totally shocked about this revelation but was still stunned at the beauty and talent that abounds amongst my very talented reader pool.

 I was excited at the prospect of putting this post together featuring my readers homes. I am simply in awe over how beautiful everything is........this could make a beautiful coffee table book! I hope you all enjoy this, and thank you so very very much to each and every one of you who took the time to send me your pictures.......what I can say you helped to make this an absolutely breathtaking post! I originally was going to put all the pictures in one long post but it started getting so long that it was simply not possible, so this is part I and part II will post on Friday. (if your pictures are not here, they will be on Friday, I added them in the order they were sent)  Here we go.......

There was only one picture that really warranted text ( you will see why further down), a beautiful explanation and story behind the image.

Forewarning.....this post is known to induce heart palpitations, new found inspiration to go and decorate your home like a Christmas elf on steroids, and a sudden burst of energy might  potentially be a "side effect" after viewing:)


Hi Tina,
It seems especially appropriate to share this special family heirloom brought out for Christmas, with the sad and devastating news from Newtown CT that is all around us.  This Christmas we turn to God with heavy hearts but still want to celebrate the joy of the birth of the Messiah.  We all are searching for the true meaning of Christmas, maybe this year more than ever! .  This piece, which decorates a table in our dining room, was given to my husband's great Aunt (Tante Louise) who was one of the first women Doctors.  She became the Director of the American Hospital in Reims, France during World War I.  Treating victims of the gas attacks was especially gruesome, and the people of Reims showed their gratitude at the end of the war by bestowing on her the medals of the French Legion of Honor. ( The Ordre nationale de la Legion d'honneur was created in 1802 by Napolean Bonaparte and continues to this day. ) Along with that, the city presented her with this incredible work, a miniature facsimile of one of the windows of the great Cathedral of Reims.   This year it is a reminder that in the face of cruelty and evil, good people continue on, to rebuild and restore.  Just as the French rebuilt this great Cathedral which was partially destroyed in the War, our country will embrace Newtown and the families facing the unbearable task of moving on with their lives.  It will take a lot of work, maybe much more than rebuilding a Cathedral, but our country has to do more to keep guns out of the hands of sick and evil people.
Blessings and good tidings,  Jayne

Noooooo, you are not looking at some new hot online magazine devoted to Christmas decor...these were all pictures sent in by my readers, really and truly!  Amazing, huh? I am flattered beyond words that these are my readers!! More to come on can still submit yours but the deadline to do is Tuesday, Dec.18th, email me at

 Thank you sooo much for sharing and allowing us a peek into your fabulous homes. And to everyone else, thank you for stopping by to have a look.........quite inspirational don't you think? I think next year we will do a contest...make it really fun and get everyone in the mix! Wishing everyone a wonderful day and all the joys of the season. Stay tuned for part II on Friday and a giveaway announement tomorrow.

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