Which would you choose and we have two winners!

Hi there, hope you had a great weekend Ours was busy busy...got our tree up (a whole other story) which I will be posting about later this week. Did some more decorating and had dinner with friends, lots of sporting events with my son and phew...... it all flew! This week  is also my birthday week, not talking age here just know I am between 31 and 49:) I am also hosting a birthday lunch for one of my oldest friends who I have known for 24 years this week. A small something grew and I am expecting about 25 over for lunch on Wed! So needless to say  I will be busy this week! I will naturally do my bests to share as much as possible with you. Have two winners of the monogrammed soaps and French towels, as I said I will do a giveaway a week until Christmas so will announce a new one next week!
Here are the winners for both the monogrammed soaps and French towel, please contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com to provide your details!

Monogrammed soaps Result:

Nonna's loves.........December 8, 2012 7:03 PM
Great choices for your husbands bath. Love the Robert Allen tape.

Now as far as your shop........i have trouble choosing one or two things cause I love everything!

linda miller
south carolina

French towel Result:
Anonymous  December 9, 2012 2:28 PM
Tina, I LOVE your patio! We are finishing up a much smaller remodel job and your blog has been such a fantastic source of inspiration for me! I would love a moss colored planter (or two) under my Christmas tree!
Jenell B
Thanks so much to everyone who has sent in pictures of their holiday decor! Oh my gosh....I am floored, I would wage a big big bet that my readers might be the most talented out there! I cannot get over the beauty! Having such fun looking at all your homes. Please keep them coming...I plan to post a special post on my readers homes for the holidays. Send me your tree, your stockings, your place setting, you dressed up as Ms. Claus, whatever strikes your fancy as long as it holiday related. I will post this on Tuesday, Dec. 18th. (deadline to send me pictures is Dec.16th). Thank you! Email me here.
It's time and long overdue for another round of  Which would you choose. OK, you have to  put on your thinking caps here and roll with me. The vacation fairies have paid you a surprise visit. They have granted you and yours a special vacation for two weeks anywhere in the world, all expenses paid...I am talking everything. So...this impatient little fairy needs to where she will taking you. Think hard, which vacation would you choose? For me, it was an instant tie between two.....humm, wonder which you will choose!
CHOICE 1 Head to the outback country, sunny beautiful Australia where your days will be filled with trips to the beach and sightseeing (and hopefully spotting a kangaroo hopping along the shoreline)!

CHOICE 2 To a posh upscale luxury ranch vacation in the midwest nestled deep in the high mountains where your days will be spent riding, hiking and "spa-ing" and playing cowgirl albeit 5 star style:)

CHOICE 3  Heading to Hawaii for a little aloha spirit, days at the beach, attending a luau, taking in the spectacular beauty  and just decompressing is all you will do here....

CHOICE 4 Paris......days will be spent shopping, eating to your hearts desire, antiquing  and absorbing all the French magnificence that abounds on every corner....

CHOICE 5 Fiji, headed far away to the land of unspoiled beauty. Days at the pool and beach, daily spa visits and dinners oceanside are what this trip is all about...

CHOICE 6 The big apple..head to NYC for a nonstop  funfulled  schedule of shopping, Broadway shows and sightseeing........bring your walking shoes!

 CHOICE 7 Exotic Greece...where you will feast on fabulous foods, take part in local culture and sightsee to your hearts desire.......

So..........there you have it! 6 pretty amazing places, which one sounds really good right about now? Where are you headed?  Hope you are pacing yourself during this very chaotic time of year...fun and exciting and magical, oh yes it is. But it's also a very easy time to get stressed and run ourselves ragged (I know because I do it every year)! So a vacation sounds exceptionally good right about now even if it means settling for a virtual one! So where are you going I can't wait to hear......bon voyage!

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