New Loot in town!

Hi when I score some great new finds. I meet every three or four months with one of my favorite vendors who sells me his "overages". I have such fun pouring over all the wonderful finds. I normally only get one or two of each item so sometimes they never make it to my online store.  Some of these that I have more than one of however will. As I have done in the past....I post them here and if you are interested all you need to do is contact me. (I have numbered the items to make it easy)! So enough of my talking, take a look at the new loot. I love each and every piece!! 
If you missed my mid week musings post yesterday click here!
1.This beverage/oversized display bowl is outrageously beautiful. I looove it. It has a removable wine bottle holder and another removable liner on the bottom which I think is used if you wanted to use a sterno? Not sure. Whether used alone for display, a beautiful shrimp cocktail on ice, as a beverage/wine things is for sure, this like a crown jewel for any table! Measures 16.5" round by about 10.5" tall

2.I had gotten in two of these several months ago and instantly sold out. Absolutely beautiful silver/nickel umbrella stand. I love this, very classic and 'handsome"! 19" tall x 8.5" round

3. Can I just tell you that these have my name written all over them. Naturally I kept one for myself:) Exquisite jars with a fancy monogram on the silver top and etched glass. Perfect for powder room, ladies vanity or dressing area. I could see these plain or filled with cotton balls or Q-tips. Stunning and reminiscent of the old world dressing table jars that we all love. I have two of each size (Med. and small) Med 4.5"x 4.5" and the small 3.5" x 3.5"

4. Have carried these before. A wonderful wood bar serving/display tray with French writing. Great looking near a bar setup or for a French inspired kitchen. 21" long x 16" wide

5. How about his beautiful footed piece? Oh the many uses for this! I could see orchids or paperwhites planted here or being used as  a wine cooler. Super elegant! 13" long with handles by 10" tall

6. And these made my heart beat faster. Another old world find. Gorgeous pair of serving utensils, incredible detail. LOVE these and they are bound to add instant elegance to any table they are used on.

7. I get requests for tole trays. These are really beautiful. Very large oval shape, great for sering or display. Beautiful rich floral design with handles. i have 2 black and 2 very dark green. Beautiful! 25" long x 19" wide

8. Got a few of the soap/candy dishes, which are ready to ship.
9. Two more of the beautiful black and gold tole planters. Exquisite with a moss ball or orchid. ( I have used both in mine) 11" tall by 11" tall by 6" wide (at the top, they are slightly fluted)

10. Tbis beautiful etched and heavily detailed silver and crystal jar ala Ralph Lauren. I put these in my guest baths and one in my husbands bath for Q-tips. So gorgeous. 10" tall x 6" wide

11. Got in 3 more of these beautiful silver bamboo style guest towel holders/sm tray. Perfect for displaying hand guest towels in a bath or can double as a pretty little dish for entertaining.

12.And this stunning flower bowl (have 3) love the detailing and the latticework on the base. Perfect without anything or a beautiful flower/orchid planted would be gorgeous too! About 12.5" tall by 10" at its widest

 13.  You know I LOVE these. Keeping a pair for myself!  Gorgeous antler bookends, so sophisticated and decorative! About 11" tall x 6" wide

14. Stunning garland heavily detailed tray. I could see this for a ladies dressing table, a powder room or small bar tray. Stunning! I have two.

So many pretties. I love all this stuff and much to my husbands dismay, can never get enough and never ever get tired of it! Also on a side note...some of the porcelains are going up. My vendor issued a price increase for 2013 so there is a moderate increase in prices, this will be effective on Monday. I like to give a few days notice:)  So if you have had your eye on anything, its a good weekend as any to go for it. Not all items will be affected but most of the ginger jars and larger pieces.Thanks for stopping by and wishing you a wonderful day!
As always, if you are interested in anything just email me here.

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