Which would you choose and 2 winners!

Good morning! Before we begin, I want to announce the two lucky winners of the French apron and monogrammed soaps! Thanks for helping me celebrate my two year anniversary,  I was so touched by all of your kind words. Congratulations goes to......  
For the french apron, the winner is....

Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary! Your home is wonderful. I was so pleasantly surprised at Christmas by my two closest friends. They gave me the fabulous silver planter I have had my eye on for the longest time! I can't wait to use it. So my next want from the store is one of the smaller silver planters. This is a bad (wonderfully bad) place for me! Thank you.
Patricia B

And the monogrammed soaps goes to....
OMG- You are an amazing decorator and your house looks gorgeous! Happiest of New Year's!!!

Please contact me here so I can get your shipping information and these goodies can be on their way!
So how is 2013 treating you so far? With the exception of my husband coming down with pneumonia, it was a wonderful holiday season. Funny,  New Years day unexpectedly ended up being one of the best days. First off,   it was the first day in 8 days that hubs felt up to getting fully dressed and coming downstairs, then it was a continuation of our movie marathon, we watched Dances with Wolves, Meet Joe Black, Under the Tuscan Sun  and a few others, all the while I was cooking the entire day (but really loving it) I made beef stew, paninis, homemade basked mac, even small apple tarts..yes I was on a roll! My husband spent a lot of time exploring my blog and was thoroughly entertained and it was just a great family day, alongside a roaring fire, it was spent at home enjoying each others company....it was cold outside but really warm and cozy inside. So life is slowly getting back to normal after the holiday blizzard (not literal but the whirlwind). I have yet to take down any decorations...thinking I will give it another week, not quite ready to say goodbye to the magic of Christmas or the hard work I put into it:)
Today's Which Would You Choose is a fun one. Roll with me here......the designer fairies have paid you a visit. Hey, its a new year...time for a change, right? They have told you that you get to have one designer of your choosing redo your entire home soup to nuts. Only catch? You cannot have any say, you are at their talented mercy and must go on a little "vacay "for a week while they work their magic. Which of these talented tastemakers would you trust to redo your entire home? Many if not most you know, but I have also included two pictures of their work that I think  represents their style. This is a tough one, though I think I have it narrowed down to two. No wait, I mean three. OK, two. Here we go.....so which would you choose! 
CHOICE 1  Mary McDonald

CHOICE 2  David Easton

CHOICE 3 Meg Braff

CHOICE 4 Cathy Kincaid

CHOICE 5   Bunny Williams

CHOICE 6  Sandra Nunnerly

CHOICE 7   Thomas Pheasant

CHOICE 8   Phoebe Howard

CHOICE 9   Thomas O Brien

CHOICE 10   Ashely Whittaker

CHOICE 11  John Jacob

CHOICE  12  Jan Showers

 CHOICE 13   Charles Faudree

CHOICE  14   McAlphine, Booth and Ferrier

CHOICE  15   Barry Dixon

OK, I take it back, I don't  have it narrowed down to 2 after all. Sorry, too much talent  to choose but if forced, I guess I could narrow it down and let them work their magic. So now its your turn....who are you turning over your casa to?  I cannot wait to see the results..this should be fun and interesting! Thanks always for stopping in and wishing everyone a fabulous day.

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