Early week musings, a giveaway and a guest post!

Forewarning...this is one of those looooong posts. I just kept adding on, and since I didn't do a musings/update post for a few weeks, there's lots to talk about! So just sit back, put those feet up, pour yourself another cup of coffee and relax.........

Hi there. How is your week going? Hope well! Things are good here, it's so great to finally feel that spring is in the air though they are talking about another cold snap...say it isn't so! It's not stopping me from tackling my spring cleaning list, which is quite long but not impossible!! Organizing is a big to do for me, as some things never really got put in their proper place from unpacking just a little over a year ago. Today is house heavy, some new things that have been done. Small things but just a few more things to check off my list!! A great giveaway too....all details at the bottom.
Also, one very exciting thing  that I am going to be a part of is that super chic Desiree over at Chic Coastal Living has asked me to be a contributor to her blog, I will be a "regular" over there for the next four months.  Chic Coastal Living is a wonderful blog all about well......chic living on the coast and Desiree covers this to perfection! I will be posting over there once a month, I am honored and am excited to be doing this and I hope you will visit me there TODAY. and check out my post on spring entertaining........ Click here!
Inspiration. I find it in so many places, its almost intoxicating sometimes. Doesn't stop me from pursuing beautiful images though:) I love to keep the really special ones in my online album to refer back to. Here are a few I am loving lately.....
 Makes me want to throw an elegant outdoor shindig...this isn't over the top but is it every beautiful!
 Love everything about this....need to get some big boxwood orbs pronto!

Carolyn Roehm does it again!

Can you believe this Mt. Vernon inspired playhouse? I want to live there! Allan Greenberg architect.

Are you a horse lover? I got an email from a wonderful new blogger, Charisse who started a new blog, Whimsical Home and Gardens,  and knew of my love for horses (and beautiful real estate)! and sent me a link to her post. The post is so beautiful, makes me want to pack up and move to horse country! Click here to visit her and welcome a new blogger (we all know what its like when we get started) feels so great to hear from others. A few pics as a teaser........

STATIONERY. You know by now I loooooove it, amazing I have not gone into that business. I am always excited to discover a new line. Atelier Austin Press is a new find for me. Their simple, elegant line is just stunning!  Click here to visit them. Letterpress gets me every time and love the detailing of the scalloped envelope. Check this beautiful line out.....


HOUSE UPDATES. Finally got the chandeliers up in the family room! You have no idea just what a herculean "all day affair" this was!!  It was a nail biting experience at times, seeing two of the electricians 24 feet in the air on a tiny hydraulic lift! And they were ready to ring my neck after I asked them to lower it, the raise it oh only about five times!!!!!! In the end though, its done and I am madly in love, they coordinate with my sconces and I think they are perfect for the room!

And after a full day.........the finished result!

Also hung up this small chandelier/lantern in the vestibule off the main hallway between the powder room and coat closet. Also fiddled around in my powder room. You know me and my flowers....and the way I love tweaking my bathroom vanities!

And in my powder room......

 Love the signature Williamsburg line of handsoap and lotion...smells heavenly and you know I love that Pagoda packaging!

 Also bought this beautiful sterling silver shell dish....perfect for my monogrammed soap bar
 This paperwhite potpourri from Pottery Barn is not only gorgeous but smells heavenly!
I, also in my travels went antiquing and was soooo excited to have found a beautiful antique shop that carried some really exquisite silver pieces. I had been looking for a very special antique tea set and was beyond excited when I found this amazing set by Sheffield of England, this gorgeous bowl and this beautiful crested monogrammed box. All keepers that are right at home.....


  And am in love with this magnificent bowl!
Finally got around to organizing my costume "jewelry drawer" This is half of it.....but I love that everything has a little place. I found these nifty organizers at BJ's wholesale club, the entire set was under 20.00 and it took my drawer from looking like a disaster zone to looking neat and organized, I love when everything has a place!! One thing down, twenty to go!

Beautiful new tole planters, just added. You know I love my tole. Click here to visit these beautiful new styles. These are such gorgeous classics!!

The cherry blossoms have finally arrived! Many of you have asked about them and as of today, they are on my online shop, click here to visit. They are truly outstanding!

And one really really exciting new addition (within the next week) is this truly fabulous line, by far the prettiest I have ever seen of this melamine/outdoor dinnerware. They look so real, just like Italian pottery...have a nice weight to them and beyond being totally gorgeous they are dishwasher friendly!I am truly in love and so excited about carrying this line! Look at the stunning patterns......

Gorgeous huh? I am excited about carrying them and think they are going to be a big hit! Thanks as always for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day. 
CALLING ALL ENCHANTED HOME CUSTOMERS. Please send me your photos of your homes/rooms using products you bought from me. I had uploaded a bunch to add to my online gallery and somehow the album has vanished into cyberspace. So bummed!! I love to see how you use the products you buy from me and thoroughly enjoy your pictures, so please send them! Click here to email me with your pics!!
GIVEAWAY!! Are you still with me? Finally a wonderful giveaway from my favorite gardening website, Angelas garden. In honor of the spring and gardening season just arriving, they are offering a wonderful gardening giveaway of a gorgeous pair of gardening gloves and matching knee pads!! Such a great thing to win....and the perfect items to get your green thumb in motion! 
To be eligible, just visit Angela's Garden by clicking here, come back and tell me a favorite item or pattern. Want a second chance? Like them or leave a comment on their Facebook page,  click here to visit them at Facebook. I will announce  the lucky winner on Saturday morning!
All anonymous users...you MUST include your first name and last name initial in the body of the comment to be eligible.

And the matching knee pads (all available in one of four colors)

Love this!! Phew...this was a long post afterall! Thank you Angela's Garden! And thanks to you all for stopping in to see whats cooking over in my corner of the world. Hope you are well and wish you a wonderful day!
Don't forget to visit my guest post on spring entertaining over at Chic Coastal Living! Click here.

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