Gaga for green! And four giveaways!

Good Sunday evening to you. Hope you have had a wonderful weekend, today was a lazy day and boy did it feel gooooood. Long overdue, and so wonderful!

 This is a post I "found" in my draft box, one that somehow never got posted!! And there were too many pretty rooms for this to not be shared. In addition,  I am offering a handful of wonderful giveaways in celebration of mothers everywhere (we all know by far, the hardest job there is)! All details for giveaway at bottom of this post.

I am having a serious green crush lately. I mean I have always loved green, but I am loving it on a whole new level now. I was at someones house as a guest and have to say I fell head over heels over a dark green paneled library she had. If I had known her for more than four hours I would have certainly asked to take a picture! It got me thinking about how fabulous (and sometimes underrated green rooms are)

And not just  your light and soft greens, but GREENS. That means those stunning rich mossy, forest, dark, jade greens. If you are gonna do it..might as well go all the way right? I have visions of moss green velvet in my library, with acres of green bullion fringe adorning them. Then I see a leopard ottoman somewhere in the mix, get the picture? So today's post is paying homage to all things beautifully green. What do you think? Here's a look at all the  many shades of green, all so very beautiful.......

 There are greens, and there are greens....and this sumptuous green chinoiserie is just on another level! LOVE! Winfield House
 Love the idea of an all white patio with gorgeous lime green accents, Veranda

Hot off the presses, Peter Rogers shows green in all its gorgeous glory! AD

 This is one of my favorite colors of green, a beautiful moss green....gorgeous! Traditional Home
 Love the rich green paint here, looks like its painted over beadboard, makes it feel warm and cozy with all the paintings, Celerie Kemble
Love the soft muted celadon green in this charming bathroom, Barbara Westbrook

 Mary McDonald transformed this space into the ultimate girly girls dressing all its green glory!
 This gorgeous sitting room high in the sky is done in the palest silvery luscious! Scott Snyder
 Gorgeous bedroom done in soft greens with a transitional feeling, Tobi Fairley
Gorgeous painted library in a green I wouldn't have thought of but boy, does it look fabulous!

  Leave it up to Scott Snyder to take such a bright green and make it look this beautiful!
  Adore the crisp clean vibe here of this mostly white room with pretty green accents
 Bunny Williams took a dark paneled room and gave it new life with a beautiful moss green shade
 Green in the kitchen is a real statement and Michael Smith nailed it with this one if you ask me!
 Green is always a sure thing for an elegant sun room, its the color of nature after all!
This room feels so fresh, current crisp!  House to Home
 Janet Rice created a beautiful green and cream cocoon of a bedroom
 Adore every singe thing about this room..its as beautiful as it is cozy and inviting!
 I like the way the green on the bed is the sole punch of color, it makes the room feel fresh and crisp, Homes Ideas
Somehow this works...the green, the purple the blue and whites, gotta hand it to her, Katie Ridder
 Lawrence Boeder makes a bold green statement in this interesting sunroom
Really love the bold play on color and pattern here, it just works! Sherill Canet
Gorgeous pale green toile bedroom, to me, this will always be such a classic timeless look. Elle Decor

 Love this rich green library that belongs to Dick great looking!
 Greens mixed with blue are a true winning combination. LOVE this room!!

Stunning sun room, so uplifting, fresh and crisp!
Lawrence Boeder
John Willey used a natural color and texture of light brown beautifully in this charmer of a bedroom
I think I have just about covered every shade of green...have a favorite? For me that first image just sends me "over"...its incredible but I also love mossy greens especially in libraries and soft gray/silvered greens for many beautiful shades to love! Do you have a green room? Would you? Could you? Do tell!
Now onto the giveaways. In honor of Mothers Day and all deserving Mothers out there...I am offering not one, not two, not three but FOUR fabulous giveaways! I will announce a lucky winner on Saturday. Check out the loot.....
1. A box of monogrammed soaps custom made for you! You get to choose one of 6 scents.
2. A beautiful porcelain and ormolu candy/soap dish. Your pick of these two beauties!
3. Courtesy of uber talented Michele from Hello Lovely, this wonderful acrylic on canvas (an original abstract)  signed by Michele. This is wonderful on its own on a small easel or it could be framed. The soothing gray tones remind me of being by the ocean and the water is her inspiration....thanks Michele! (click here to see more of her work in her Etsy shop)
4. Last item...this gorgeous and super chic wicker clutch. Adore this little bag and have already used my own, had two people stop me to ask where I got it:) Very chic  and perfect for the summer! 

 Comes with a convenient silver chain (optional)

Sound good? All you need to do to be eligible is visit my online shop and come back here and tell me your absolute favorite item, something you would like to receive for Mothers Day (doesn't matter if you are a mother or not)......that's it! Want a second chance? Leave a comment on The Enchanted Home's Facebook page, click here
Thanks as always for stopping in. Wishing everyone a fabulous evening and great start to your week! 

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