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Hello and happy Saturday to you. First off I want to announce the names of four lucky winners for my Mothers Day Extravaganza giveaway. Congrats goes to......

Monogram soaps  goes.....
It's hard to pick just one. I love all the pillows but if I have to pick one then I'd say they Staffordshire dogs. I've been following your blog for awhile - never get tired of looking through it :)
The ormolu soap dish goes to.......
Linda Tongate Seibert I look forward to reading your blog...it brightens my day! I love the pedestal urn...I can see it filled with tulips in my dining room.

The original painting by Michele goes to.......
I love the cherub statue - it would be so sweet in my garden, or my living room.

The greens you've shown are gorgeous - so many shades - it's hard to pick a favourite. I do like the silvery celadon and fresh crisp apple, oh and the fern greens! 

 The wicker clutch goes to.......
Cindy Rubin OMG. I am dying over the cute clutch, I absolutely need it for mothers day!!!! HappyMothers day to you too! Thanks for making every day I get a BLOGfrom you --- A MORE BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!

Please contact me here to provide me your shipping details........

These weeks are flying by. I can't believe Mothers Day is tomorrow..then it will be Memorial Day then we will be in the throes of summer and will then start to see back to school supplies and winter coats before you know it! Times flies when we are having fun.....hope you have had a great week.

Mine has been busy, its a crazy time of year as the school year is almost wrapping up and my many house projects as much as I try to get them off the ground somehow like a stalled engine keep stalling. I keep telling myself that as the summer gets underway, that hopefully time will start slowing down, I can catch my breath and finally make a real dent in things I want to get done!!

Around here. I love that everything is turning green AT LAST!! Isn't it wonderful seeing everything finally come to life! I started doing a little planting and you know I love my white flowers......

 Mr. Teddy pondering "life"

 Oops...looks like I disturbed him!

 These are planters from my online line which I am crazy about...they look old but best part I can lift them with one hand!

 And this one too! Pretty, huh?

 Tried it on top of my brick columns for now.....

 Adore this great big one too..filled with beautiful hydrangeas!

 And the small one is perfect for orchids.....

Put them both up for now and took this with my iPhone

If you have been coming here for any length of time you know I LOVE stationary. I am always coming up with reasons to buy it. I found something at the bottom of a long neglected drawer that was so pretty, it got my attention and had me on the website of the company, Gratitude and Co. (love the name don't you)? I am in love with their gorgeous monogram note cards, their square oversized cards, gorgeous images and even wrapping paper and beautiful pencils (which I must have)! You know I love to share...so check them out. Click here to visit their beautiful site.

 I HAVE to get this wrapping paper....gorgeous!

 Beautiful holiday wrapping paper
 Love this one too.....
And this pencils are so pretty!

Showhouses....love them! I went to one locally last week and was able to snap a few pictures. I  was admittedly slightly underwhelmed overall but it was a beautiful stately old home and I did like some of the rooms, here are some highlights (so so quality, blame it on my iPhone)!
 Living room....very transitional but well done

 A fun sun room

 Had to snap the Chanel lamp!
 I loved the green against the black
 And the gorgeous silvered chinoiserie paper was incredible

 A fun third floor space, very well done

 A cozy attic bedroom

 A darling girls room

My shop.Here are the things I had posted for sale. I have since updated so you know what is still available. As usual just email me if interested.

The large tub and bowl side by side MED POT SOLD

 This one is darling. A perfect pot for spices and oils on the stove. I have one on my stove and love it. Measures about 11" round. $ 65.00 SOLD

1. Love these used as either condiment holders or wine holders...multi functional. I have one and have also used them to hold sugar, and other packets of sweeteners (when entertaining) or small candies...they are beautiful.


2. Snagged two more pair of antler book ends. One is on a black pedestal the other is just the deer head.  $105 for first pair, second pair is $95.00

3. Gorgeous and I do mean gorgeous crystal urns. I have these and keep them always filled with fresh blooms (or good silks). Stunning atop a stack of coffee table books or on a bedside nigh table. These are a really really good deal! $50 each (sell for 125.00)  About 9.5" tall. Have 12.


4. Got in a small batch of the gorgeous hotel silver super heavy salt and peppers. 40.00 a pair


5. Got two sets of these Vagabond floral urn salt and peppers, so charming $50.00

6. Beautiful crested filigree oval tray..just stunning for a bathroom, powder room or bar, about 12" wide $90.00

7. A trio of beautiful garland black tole planters. These are wonderful, I show them with boxwood balls and that is how I have displayed my own on an end table. $60.00 for 3. A very good price....

8. Have 4 pair left of the beautiful white antiqued Staffordshire dogs. These are fabulous. The factory is closing and I got the last of them...85.00 ( a steal as they retail for upwards of 150 and up)

 My own pair happy in their new home:)

9. Two pair of these gorgeous antlers. These are big and sooo fabulous. I have also kept the third pair for myself! They are real statement pieces....a phenomenal deal at $210.00. They measures approx. 34" at the widest point...truly beautiful and so old world looking. Love the acorn detailing on the back plaque.

10. Small beaded shell dish, perfect for a powder room and soaps or coffee table for candies, $30.00

11.  The larger shell dish about 12' long, beautiful and so elegant $65.00

12. Ant. brass filigree guest towel holder...beautiful! $65.00
13. Beautiful antler letter opener and magnifying glass heavy pewter/silver, so pretty for any desk $55.00.

Say hello to my newest member of the ginger jar family! Isn't she an absolute beauty? I love the antiquing  that has been applied, looks like an exquisite old jar. I have a limited number of these (8 pieces total). An unusual square shape makes this jar a gorgeous collectible to add to your favorite blue and white vignette.As of today up on my online shop , click here.

So that's whats new over here. Wrapping up another busy week....heading out for a long power walk this morning before the rain hits! Hope whatever you are doing this weekend is wonderful and relaxing, have a small "Mothers Day" post planned for  tomorrow so will wish everyone the happiest Mothers Day possible then. Thanks as always for stopping in!

PS Saw The Great Gatsby last night...I loved it. My husband much preferred the original...yes this was a total fantasy to be sure but that's part of the fun, partly why we escape to the movies right? I thought it was wonderfully done, a colorful movie, both literally and figuratively with some truly breathtaking stage sets.....so go see it (but be prepared for looooong lines)!

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