Can we talk? Beauty products- high and low!

Happy Thursday to you! Hope you are having a great week so far, the weather here has been incredible! I was in Greenwich yesterday and it was amazing to be outside enjoying the gorgeous weather (and town). Thank you sooo much for your incredible input for the pillow quandary yesterday. I have managed to narrow it down to 6 I like (hey that's progress) so think I am going to order a number of them and "play". There are other areas I will be able to use the pillows I don't use for the loggia and they are all (except a few) so reasonable so it's a no lose situation. Many thanks for weighing in.  Click here if you missed the post and need a serious dose of blue and white! Moving off topic now.......

OK today is a subject I think we can all offer our 2 cents on. Makeup and beauty products. We all have them, some of us just a wee bit and others have drawers full! I have learned over the years both through trial and error, and advice from those "in the know" that there really are some fabulous makeup and beauty products out there that come right from none other than your local drugstore. Then there is the Sephora variety (my fave), it truly is a candy store for would be sooooo easy to stay in there for hours, trying away! So much to choose from, so much to spend your money on!

I for one, am a "tryer" and your classic impulse buyer, I see something I want and I buy it. Period. Most of the time I like what I buy but on occasion certain things let me down. I feel less guilty when buying something for 5 or 10 dollars from the drugstore, if the lipstick isn't the right sweat. But I am also very loyal, I have used MAC lipstick for about 8 years and have not swayed, what I like I continue to use and stay loyal to. Do you?

So over the years I have found some products that are definitely keepers in my makeup arsenal, things I buy over and over because they are just so good. Then there are those unexpected inexpensive discoveries that are equally exciting! We all know the thrill of a deal! Thought this could make a fun post...the highs and lows of beauty products and makeup.  Here are some of mine as well as the low down on why I love them...hope you will share yours!

1st row left to right....

1. Low- Milani eye pencils, come in a variety of colors, they go on smoothly,  last and best part..... are about 5.00!

2.High-Nars highlight stick...have been buying this product for years, awesome over cheekbones, lips, browbone and on occasion even on your shoulders. I buy it in South Beach and Copacabana. A great multi use lasts!

3.High- Unite 7 seconds leave in conditioner. Best hair product (leave in) that I have ever used. I have thick hair that tangles easily, this makes combing through a total breeze, there is definitely a "miracle" ingredient, will buy this over and over! It's about 35.00 but last about 3 months.

4. Low- I have used a lot of heavy conditioners, and this one is my fave. From Neutrogena about 8.00, far better than Moroccan Oil at quadruple the price! Some hair expert was on Good Morning America one morning and was going on and on about this, well he's right! A little goes a long way, leaves my hair feeling nourished and silky. Have used it for years.

Second row-

5. High- Stila illuminating foundation. Again a little oes a long way, I use it only on certain areas of my face, it has a slight illuminator which  makes my skin look like it's glowing. I love this product and have used it a long time and will continue to be a devoted fan. Not heavy.....

6. Low- Milani lipliners- I have bought these for years. Love this lipliner!! Its only about 6.00 and is probably the best one I have used. I buy them in 2's and 3's. Awesome! Great colors too......

7. Low-Maybelline turbo mascara. I have used expensive ones (used to use Diorshow for years) but this one is as good and for only about 8.00 a tube, its a bargain. Goes on easily and allows to layer without clumping.

8. Low- Clear Scalp shampoo. This is local CVS had a promotion that if you spent over $50.00 you got this shampoo. I had never heard of it but am never one to turn down a freebie! Well.....I used it and loved it, it lathers up like salon shampoos, smells great and with each shampoo I realized how great it was. I have not been loyally using this shampoo for about 3 months ever since I discovered it. It is excellent and I highly recommend it!

Last row-

9.Low- Essie nail polish, forget the crayon box of colors on steroids (every color under the sun), this is great quality nail polish for under 10.00. There is a reason virtually all nail salons use it!

10. Low- L'Oreal's  Glam bronze.  I use this and Geurlain's bronzer (which I have used for years) however I think Guerlain has switched the formula, its much softer and it is cracking well before I have used it and then I have to throw away a $45.00 bronzer! That does not make me happy. I  had read in In Style about L'Oreal's  and have since used it and been quite happy!

11. High- Bobbi Brown eyeshadow. Great quality stuff here, the color goes on with one swipe and it lasts. Does not flake and stays put. I have even dropped it and it didn't crack. That is saying something. Not cheap but totally worth every penny. I have had these compacts for a long time and they are still going strong!

OK so that is some of what I have used and absolutely love! It's your turn...time to tell me your favorite high and lows!! I cannot wait to hear......wishing you a fabulous day and thank you as always for stopping in!

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