Weekend musings.....and a giveaway!

Hi there,  hard to believe its the weekend already.......boy this week flew! I was everywhere from the city to the Hamptons to Greenwich, CT. Busy but fun! Hope you had a wonderful and productive week. Busy weekend ahead too and its been raining like mad over here but it was nice to wake up to clearing skies!  Supposed to clear up by later today,  fingers crossed, my white pants and strappy sandals for a tony dinner party tonight and they won't cut it in the rain (and I don't have a backup) so fingers crossed the sun comes out:)

Ready to hear about my random musings?  Lets go.......

A new designer. I love her style.....this first picture that I found totally got me. Christine Godfredson is one talented gal!  I am sure you can see why she had me at this first picture ...exquisite, but then I looked further and it was "wow, wow and wow".....click here for more Christine.

Books. I do love my books so was thrilled when   I received a wonderful book in the mail sent by Charisse from Whimsical Homes and gardens.... a newer blog and a beautiful one worth checking out! She knows I love horses and art and she being an avid horsewoman was so kind to send me this amazing book, The Horse, 30,000 years of the horse in art. It is absolutely exquisite.  So thank you Charisse and for any horse/art lover out there, I cannot recommend this highly enough and tell you just how beautiful  it is! Wonderful gift idea too.......Click here to purchase from Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Pillows for loggia. Thank you again for helping me narrow things down. I ended up ordering two groupings...and will surprise you! I will try both groupings and whichever one I don't use will be used for our main patio. I am so excited! If you missed that post, click here....

Roberta Roller- Roberta Freyman. I have spoken of this label before. Love their prints, to me they scream coastal chic living. I love the robes and lounge clothes and fun tunics that can be dressed up or down. The colors just make me happy! When I was in East Hampton a few days ago, I picked up a few goodies.   Click here to see more.....

i Phone Apps. This is an area where I am a total "newb" (as my kids like to refer to it). But thanks to my trusty friend, Kate of Preppy empty nester, she gave me the lowdown on all the apps to have to be one of the "cool kids". (I can see my kids eyes rolling now). But seriously there are some amazing apps here!! This was so worth sharing....you have to see it! Here is one example....but click here to see all of them (so worth the read).


How many times do you hear a song on the radio and wonder what it is?  Well, there's an app for that ...and it's called Shazam!  Just hold  your phone up to the radio, press Shazam...and you'll have the song and artist info in seconds. Then you can purchase the tune on iTunes or check out the concert schedule for that artist (that's how I found out about JT's NYC concert schedule...and yes, I'm going!!!)  

Note... "JT" refers to Justin Timberlake and not my favorite, James Taylor. Guess Dude wants to win the award for "most senior audience member!"


Hamptons! One of my favorite places (especially when its not busy and off season)! A good friend and I went for the day and had such a great time. Any day that starts with the best fish tacos is a good day in my book. If ever out that way, you must must try Bostwicks, best fish tacos ever! Here are a few highlights of my day including several pictures of the amazing Restoration Hardware Store in East Hampton, must say they looked exceptional!

Loved the overflowing white hydrangeas in front of the super charming Ralph Lauren store in EH
Every corner has something beautiful to marvel at.....

And check out how good Restoration Hardware in East Hampton looked.......

Loved the antique mirrored panels in the elevator.....

                                                    Yep it's official...love the Hamptons as much as ever!

 Shop news. These are the two new oversized jars that were made for Ralph Lauren himself! I snagged 10 of each and let me tell you they are gorgeous with a capital G!  Click here to visit them at my online shop.....

Also very excited, finally after waiting months and months am getting back in the gorgeous chargers, getting in 75 pieces. So if you were one of the ones waiting, email me to reserve them. Truly gorgeous for any table. They are due here next week along with all these beauties.......

Speaking of my online shop..calling all enchanted customers! I want pictures for my online gallery........please send a few of your beautiful homes/rooms featuring products you have bought from me. Here are some recent ones, the first is one from a customer all the way in Australia..how gorgeous they all are! Email me here with your images so I can add them to my online gallery:)

A wonderful giveaway. Surely you know Betty Lou Phillips! I have every single one of her books and unlike so many design books, hers deliver on every single page! I go back to her books often and reference all kinds of things from beautiful window treatment details to flooring and lighting ideas, she is a true master! Her books literally are like a gift that keeps on giving, can't say that about too many design books!  Betty Lou is a super duper talented designer heavy on the French accents, which is her trademark and suffice to say,  I am big fan.

I was soooo excited to receive a copy of her latest accomplishment, Interiors by Design. In this wonderful new book/file folder she covers endless design subjects and includes hundreds of photos as well as wonderful "insider" design tips. It's like having a top designer as your best friend!

And she was generous enough to include a second one as a giveaway. How great is that? This is chock full of all the 'insiders" information that everyone could want to possibly know. I mean seriously just check out these droolworthy images, tell me who wouldn't want advice from someone with this much talent!! Click here to visit her site and learn more about this talented dynamo.

So how to win? Easy! Just leave a comment here, and I will announce a lucky winner on Wednesday morning. Remember anonymous readers you must include a first name and last name intial in the body of the comment. Good luck!

Well that's a wrap! Hope whatever you are doing for the weekend is wonderful and relaxing. We have a fancy schmancy dinner party tonight and a few games,  so it should be fun, not to mention I am knee deep in a few organization projects in my house.....making dents but have a ways to go. Wishing you a wonderful day and a fabulous summer weekend. Hard to believe summer is finally here...woo hoo!

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