Calling all Southerners!!!!!!!!

OK, finally making my "Southern road trip" a reality!  We are going to take approx. 8-9 days in August (ideally would like more but even this is a major stretch and effort)  and take a speed tour of some of the very cities that I have been wanting to go to or haven't been to for a long time.  On the agenda are possibly the great cities of...... Charleston, Atlanta, Savannah, possibly Nashville, Winston Salem, and the areas near Blackberry Farm. We would have loved to made it even further south however time does not allow for us to get to visit the great cities like New Orleans, Birmingham, all the great cities throughout Mississippi and Texas, that will have to wait for part 2! Now....this trip is totally open to your ideas and input and that's why I am reaching out to fellow southern belles and beaus for your ideas, brainstorms and input!

A few places on our agenda are.......The Planters, Blackberry Farm, Paula Deens' restaurant, The Lady and Sons,  amongst many others that are being added to our list...its going to be fast and furious!

RESTAURANTS, POINTS OF INTEREST, SHOPPING, HOTELS, HORSE FARMS, BOUTIQUES, FAIRS, ANTIQUE SHOPS, MUSIC EVENTS, BEAUTIFUL NEIGHBORHOODS (and if you want to invite us for a good old fashioned southern meal....we will oblige:) . Anything that you think is a "must not miss"...we want to know about it.

Now Paula this little blurb is just for you....I believe you are a kind, good hearted and gracious Southern belle (who I believe is truly sorry for what she said) and if every person in the public eye was held accountable for every word they have EVER said, there would be no one left I am we will absolutely be making your Lady and Sons restaurant a MUST DO. I cannot wait and will be bringing my appetite and stretch pants:) but no worries I will make sure they are real pretty! So.....if by some chance Paula, Jamie or Bobby (or anyone affiliated over there)  at Lady and Sons happens to be reading this, and you just feel so inclined to roll out the red carpet and treat us two Northern girls  to some good fashioned Southern hospitality....we will happily be your guests! (wink).

So....this is where you come in everybody!  Need to hear from you as I know you always have such wonderful ideas about all the must see and must do places, cannot wait to get busy taking notes. My pen and paper are at the ready.............

This is just a tiny sliver of what we hope to see......along (hopefully) with blue skies and sun (NO humidity at all) which equates to perfect hair days and just the right glow on my skin are preferable :) We are really looking forward to this little getaway and leaving our diets at the door (and skinny jeans)! So come, now it's on your turn, tell us what you think! Can't wait to hear all about your advice and tips! 

Have a fabulous Sunday and end to your weekend!

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