Late week musings and a winner!

Hello! First let me announce a lucky winner for the tole planter. Congratulations goes to-

Result: 10 Anonymous August 16, 2013 at 7:32 PM As a tole collector and lover, it's almost impossible to choose! But, I would have to choose the pair of green lamps. Beautiful, and would be perfect in our master bedroom. Thanks! Debra Taylor/

Please contact me here to claim your prize and provide shipping details.

How is your week going? Boy, they are going by fast and furious now, don't you think? It is means the end of summer yet the goodbye to humid weather and yucky hair days(bittersweet), the ushering in of cool, crisp weather (super sweet) and the license to dress in beautiful cashmere layers  and indulge in amazing comfort foods (sweetest of all)! It is upon us now and I know many have already started school,  as crazy as it seems.  This post is a little abbreviated (for me) but highlights whats' going on over here plus a few little tidbits.

So as with all my random posts, this is a bit of this and a bit of that. Some fun, beauty, inspiration and knowledge all rolled into one. Hope you enjoy....

My house. A few new exciting things happened this week. Got in my dining chairs. VERY exciting!! The pale blue silk was a good choice and though they added more of the gold on the chairs than they were supposed to, they still look beautiful! Now this has me wanting to get busy with the chinoiserie and drapes and of course the mantle that is still missing! Then the outdoor lights finally came in after months of waiting. We only had one up, still more to go but the entire back is done....very exciting! These are iPhoto pics so the best I could do this week.

Tah dah, the dining room chairs.......

The striped silk is from Nancy Corzine

Think I have finally decided on bedroom fabrics (also a solid silk and pale blue velvet that are not here) but these I have had a while and I still love them so think they are the winners (pardon the wrinkles, they have put in some serious hours:)

                                            This Clarence House trim is to die for......

And the bell jar in my batrhroom......

And the front door......


 And the long awaited lighting came in....this was very exciting too! 

Found a great planter, it is a washed lead planter and I am seriously in love with them. I am going to start offering them on my online shop too....its a beauty, don't you think!
 About 36" x 36", perfect for large topiaries

An amazing new site. This is totally brilliant. Are you known for saying something over and over? I tell me kids as an example a few things, one is "bloom where you are planted" and  of course I have a few of my own.  SO this site will take any saying you choose, whether its your own creation or one in existence and  make it into a poster. Talk about a great gift! All you do is plug in the saying and they will show you a bunch of different options. You must visit and give it a go, click here to visit recitethis.

 Gotta love this quote :)

Two recent movies. One I loved and the other I liked. Blue Jasmine was fabulous...Cate deserves an Oscar in my humble non movie critic opinions. Plus she gets major brownie points for her uber chic wardrobe in the movie. Jobs was good, I walked away a little conflicted about how I felt about Steve, he was a complex character, I was perplexed with how he was able to end important relationships in his life with little feeling or remorse, but brilliant yes he was. I dont' want to give away too much...both movies worth seeing in my opinion. Finally something worth heading to the theaters for......

A fun Pinterest board. You know I always love to throw in something about food. My Food fun board is one that I have a lot of fun adding to. How amazing do these rustic apple tarts in the skillets look and that cheese spread for a spa party..too cute!! Click here to see my Pinterest board.

Shop news. Some exciting new things!! First off got in another batch of the gorgeous Vanderbilt replica plates. I have 80 pieces to sell.

And take a look at how beautifully  this person from Scribbler Unfocused set up her tables with these plates.....check out her entire setting here.

Guess whats coming back in as we speak? These gorgeous chargers....they will go fast. Expecting about 120 pieces. As always email me if interested, these are just absolutely amazing!

Also just now back in stock are these beautiful black and gold tole planters (both sizes)......

Here are some goodies already on the way, which I am super excited to get.....

 Set of three gorgeous black chinoiserie scalloped planters (getting in 8 sets)!

Aren't those all AMAZING? I am in love and want of each!  I can never get enough of pretty things!
As always contact me here with any inquires or if you wish to purchase.

 The Enchanted deal and steals of the week are below (as always subject to availability).....

This stunning top seller silver crested planter (4 available) at the very low price of $115.00 normally sells for 135 and is going up next week. Stunning!!
 14" x 7" x9.5"

Stunning creseted silver pitcher (5 available) $70.00  9" tall

Gorgeous  tole pagoda (retails for $325) 11" x 11" x 20" $155.00 (5 available)

Stunning coordinateing tole pagoda lamp (sells for $350) I have four available $165.00 10" x10" x 22"

Well that wraps things up over here. Thank you so much for stopping in. I hope to take time later today to stop off and visit all my favorite blogs, have had little time this week but think things will get back on schedule as fall kicks in. Wishing you a fabulous Friday and end to your week.....

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