Mr. and Mrs. Howard and a giveaway!

Good morning! I had the opportunity to attend an intimate Q&A with Mr. and Mrs. Howard over at the spectacular Safavieh Showroom in Stamford, CT.  yes....that talented duo that produces some of my all time favorite rooms.....rooms that fill  endless pages in blogland and Pinterest boards. What a lovely, charming and talented couple they are! I loved hearing about their story, how they got started in their business....and as with most things in life, when something is meant to be, it somehow just "happens" in a rather effortless way. Their story is wonderful, heart warming, inspiring and proof that when you have a passion for something and follow your heart, sometimes amazing things can happen and the rest will follow.....their wild success is certainly a tribute to that!! I also love that they are a husband and wife team......that in itself is a huge feat:)

Their new line for Sherrill furniture is absolutely gorgeous. There isn't a piece of furniture there I would be delighted to add to my own home. It is traditional but has a current/modern edge that makes the furniture highly appealing and most appropriate for today's slightly more casual lifestyle. I love that nearly every piece is made in the U.S.A. (worth its weight in gold)! Sherrill produces excellent quality, extremely comfortable and affordable furniture,  it's no wonder that they are a very popular "go to" source for so many designers. The Mr. and Mrs Howard furniture line feels much like their namesake rooms do, welcoming, elegant, crisp and clean, warm and sophisticated.

Phoebe was so kind to sign a copy of her exquisite new bestselling book, The Joy of Decorating for one of my lucky readers. I have owned this book since it came out and have referred to it countless times, enjoyed hearing their stories and love how the book is categorized by themes. It is a true feast for the senses!

 I am quite sure, that many of you, being the savvy design loving readers you are,  own this book but for those that don't this is one of those "must haves" that belongs in every design lovers home. So I am giving away a signed book to one lucky winner! Lets take a look at rooms that have received the Howard magic and a few favorite pieces from The Sherrill Collection, then details follow on the bottom.........

Some exquisite new pieces from the Sherrill Collection for Mr. and Mrs. Howard.....

And while their rooms need no's a look at some of my personal favorites!

 This is one of my all time favorite bedrooms (for anyone who has been reading my blog a long time, you know this)!

 This could make me want to call in sick every day!

Love everything, every tine detail about this space.....recognize the belljar?

 Love the cocoon like feeling of this sumptuous bedroom.....

Pretty spectacular wouldn't you say?  The book is filled with so many stunning images front to back....a true keeper. To me, their rooms always feel like walking onto a perfect billowy cloud, my absolute favorite feeling for a room. They design and decorate a "Howard room" with just the right amount of elegance, sophistication and clean lines sprinkled with a healthy dose of soft colors and lots of lovely painted finishes. Do you notice not a lot of pattern in their rooms? I think this is why they are so pleasing to the eye and why they are no doubt, a household name for anyone in the know:)

So how to win this wonderful signed book.....visit them over at Sherrill Furniture , come back here and tell me your favorite item from their new collection. Want a second chance? Subscribe to become a reader on her blog, which by the way is really fantastic, filed with all kinds of valuable "how tos" and I love their weekly before and afters. Phoebe is really generous in sharing her talent, knowledge and expertise through her blog. I will announce one lucky winner on Monday!

Want to see even more of their work, click here to visit their website.

Many thanks as always for stopping in and wishing you a fabulous Thursday!

Also on a sidenote, by popular demand was able to get 10 more sets of these gorgeous appetizer/dessert plates. Many emailed me but I had none left to sell, they sold out  almost right away. Email me at if you want to place an order, they are ready to go!

 Gorgeous assorted scalloped dessert/appetizer plates. Measures 6.5" square. A set of assorted patterns is $38.00. So elegant, and a perfect size.

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