Another round of incredible steals and deals!

Good evening. Hope you have recovered from the beauty and inspiration of the Blue And White Love's still going on so please cast your votes! Friday morning I will announce a winner from each round. (and a stupendous giveaway)!

OK I know I said that last time that that was the best batch of steals and deals and there is no doubt that those things were amazing but wait till you feast your eyes on these! This is more about table top and a great many things that would make superb gifts with the upcoming holidays. Some really really special items here. I was able to purchase a large container from a warehouse that is relocating to the west coast, so the prices are off the charts! I have limited numbers of everything so you know the drill...first come first serve.

Email me with any questions or inquires to

Please refer to the number alongside each item for easy reference. As these are samples and part of the steals and deals (which means heavily discounted) these are final sale.

I have a little treat, a giveaway with every purchase over $100.00. A gorgeous solid brass letter opener will be given with all purchases over $100! 

Here we go, ready?

1. I thought they didn't make things like this anymore. LOVE these and we all know any good hostess can never have too many beautiful serving pieces! These look like old family heirlooms, are heavy (beautiful quality) but best part is they are brand new! So ornate and elegant. What table wouldn't be gorgeous with these magnificent serving pieces?

1A.  Gorgeous set of three large serving spoons $65.00
 1B. Beautiful filigree cake spade $28.00

1C.  Set of 3 serving spades $62.00
 Close up


1D. Got in more of the crystal salad servers and now have the cake spades too. Very heavy and just beautiful! Salad servers $42.00   Cake Spade $24.00 (no more knives)

1E. And a few more sets of the elegant heavy serving forks. Set of 3 $55.00

1F. Got some assorted single pieces that were samples Each one is $18.00 for the larger ones and for the two smaller ones $12.00

2. Gorgeous black velvet box holds three med. sized serving spades, ornate and stunning. GREAT holiday or hostess gift idea (have 6)

3. Feast your eyes on these gorgeous china pieces...I had such fun playing around with them... In love with every single one!

3A. Stunning 10.5" acorn and spruce green dinner plates. Sold in sets of 4 for $35.00 (I have 4 sets)

3B. Am in love with these darling appetizer/dessert plates. (Have 24) 6" square scalloped design. Sets of 4 $32.00

3C. Coordinating pinecone and spruce green appetizer/dessert plates. 6.5" Set of 4 $30.00 ( I have 4 sets)

3D. Beautiful white pointsetta salad/appetizer/dessert plates. Gorgeous and perfect for layering for any of you master tablescapers! (I have 16) Set of 4 is $35.00

3E. LOVE these white on white chinoiserie plates, they have a charming pagoda and are so beautiful, and I love the scalloped design. I have one set of 6 for $60.00

4. How amazingly cute are these darling and whimsical salt and peppers?  Another great gift idea or fun to tie it in with another gift. They would add such personality to any table! Every set shown is $14.00

4A. Green pinecones  and white pinecones

4B. White crabs

4C. Herend like shells

4D. White pinecones

 4E. White labs

4F. Turkeys

4G. Black labs

4H Black and white hens

4I Sly fox

4J. Adorable little Scotties with plaid coats  (also have black scotties)

5. Love these gorgeous spoon rests, They measure about 12" tall $16.00 blue or white

6. Gorgeous letter set with ornate silver handle. Heavy and beautiful quality. Comes in luxurious black velvet box. GREAT gift idea! (have 12) Great teachers gift! $40.00

7. Darling and whimsical silver/pewter rooster napkin rings. Set of 8 $45.00

8. Tureens. I got lucky enough to get 2 more of the magnificent heirloom quality stag tureens. Plus two more each of the others that I had sold out of. And a super gorgeous sea/coastal inspired tureen.

8A. Gorgeous porcelain tureen with bottom plate and ladle. So elegant! $145.00

8B. Got in two more stag tureens...bound to go quick! They are $295 (retails everywhere for $495)

8C. Beautiful coastal tureen, this is such a great piece, includes bottom plate and ladle.

8D. Got two more of this gorgeous pumpkin tureens, so perfect for a holiday table! About 12" x 10" $85.00

9. Love these (of course) Large blue and white roosters. Perfect for any kitchen. Gorgeous gift for any blue and white lover! Measures about 16" tall...really fabulous looking! Pair is $115.00 (retails for $220 pair)

10.Gorgeous silver items. I only have 2 of each these are all very heavy, have incredible workmanship and are just real showstoppers!

10A.  Huge hurricane $195 (about 24" tall) with lead crystal cut hurricane and heavy ornate silver bottom

10B. Magnificent super detailed centerpiece bowl  $215.00 (retails for $500) Heavy and beautiful!

10C. Large centerpiece beautiful alone or filled with a floral arrangement $215.00 Measures about 26" tall $240.00 (retails for over $500)

11. Beautiful elegant cake plate and matching porcelain spade $24.00 (have four)

12. Two sets of these really charming chinoiserie mug dessert/salad plates. Fun to add to a white set. 4 for $30.00 (2 sets)

13. Large pheasants. Had many ask about these, only 2 sets  each. They are large and impressive, about 20" long. These are $190 (retail for almost $400) Very heavy

Pair 1

Pair 2

14. A truly gorgeous heirloom quality set of candlesticks

14A. $95.00 Very heavy and ornate....about 11" tall

14B. Gorgeous classic w/beading detail $110.00 About 13" tall

14C. Elegant formal feeling pair about 10" tall $85.00

14D. Needs a good polish but these are beautiful. About 12" tall $80.00

14E. Gorgeous old world design. Comes in two sizes one is 11" and the other 13" Smaller pair is $95 and larger pair is $135

15. Got my hands on a few more sets of the GORGEOUS pheasant plates. Have 5 sets of dinner sets (4 in each set) and 10 sets of salad plates. Dinner $115 for set and salad $75.00 for set. Spectacular!

16. Chargers. Have gotten a lot of inquiries about them. They are finally in again after a long wait! Normally 50.00 which is heavily discounted. I have 30 being sold at $45 each.

17. Darling utensil holder, very charming has a real French Country look. $14.00

18. Great trio of leaf plates (have 3 or 4 sets) About 6". Pretty to use for serving, or as display. Set of three $28.00

19. Two more sets of the smaller pheasants  $60.00

20. Amazing oversized serving/display plate. Retailed for $150, these are $45.00! (I have 3) About 20" round (includes plate stand)

 21. The beautiful old world silver clocks that I sold out of last time. Managed to get five more! Assorted shapes and sizes (no more stags) $60.00 (they retailed for $200).

See I told you....lots of beautiful things! It's not too soon to start thinking about holiday gifts....hard to believe but yes, the season of giving is knocking on our doorstep! And of course always think of yourself:)

You know the drill, whatever you are interested in just email me at It is VERY helpful if you just refer to the item number next to each item vs. a name. I tend to get a ton of emails when I run these. There are limited quantities therefore, its first come first serve. Thanks so much for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous back on Friday!

The Blue and White Love contest is on and in full swing. With nearly 1400 votes so far, there is still another full day to go! So be sure to stop by and cast your vote for BOTH rounds (yes had to divide it into two since there were nearly 200 pictures). I will announce the winner of each round Friday morning. Click here to see round 1 and here to see round 2. Thanks!

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