The holiday buzz on my online shop and a winner......

Hello there!   First things first....I want to announce the lucky winner of the gorgeous pillow from Studtio Trullia! Congratulations goes to.....

Please contact me at so your pillow can be on it's  merry way!


Following on pinterest as well. Thanks again for the chance.

Also speaking of giveaways...there is a FABULOUS one going on over at my friend Sharon's blog, the doyenne of refined country French about a stay in  her cottage in France for one whole week to tour the brocante fairs? How is that for a giveaway!!!! I want to win:) Visit Sharon at My French Country Home, Click here to be in the running....

I have been really busy with my little shop, especially with my recent big score of all the amazing steals and deals. It is part of a very large lot of merchandise I bought from an amazing manufacturer. There is more to come but the bulk of it I have sold. Getting in my final batch sometime next week and will spend a good day or two unloading, pricing and taking pictures, it will be the last of it until the holidays. I know what December brings...and it gets really really crazy!

I inevitably get a lot of questions around this time so thought I would address them as I did last year in one big wrap up post on my online shop as well as share some pertinent information with regard to orders and deadlines. In addition this year I will close my shop on Dec.15th until after Christmas. I hope anyone who needed to get something for Christmas will have gotten it by then but I know realistically that's the official mark  of "pure chaos" and I will be having houseguests, and no doubt be very busy with them, gift wrapping, gift buying....all that goes along! So for about 10 days the shop will be "on a much needed little vacation"!

So I wanted to address a few things just in case you have your eye on something in my online shop (either for yourself or for someone else). So just a few things to note-

(I can still be reached but will not take orders after Dec. 15th)

My custom gorgeous napkin rings....I cannot think of a more beautiful way to accent any table and what a gift these would make. This find is one of my all time favorites! Though there's been a price increase I am keeping the prices as is until after the holidays.

Several of my customers give one or two as gifts and are helping their special someone build a collection..I love that idea and tradition! I happen to have quite a few rings  in stock right now (in anticipation of the holidays).  Some are below, if you have something in mind email me to see if I have it. Custom orders can still be done but time is ticking. These sell on some sites for up to $200 each but I sell them for $56.00! These are all handcrafted and made in the USA! Last day for a custom order to guarantee Christmas delivery is Nov. 22nd.  

Click here to see the custom napkin rings online.

 Doggie getting a bath
 Sly fox

 Tea party variations
 The animals on a see saw

 The beautiful assorted Santa's there are about 6-8 different versions!

 One of my personal favorites....the gorgeous stag deer!
 Beautiful detailing....

Monogrammed items. Definitely an awesome gift to anyone who loves her home. You tell me one person who would not be totally thrilled to get a gorgeous set of monogrammed cocktail napkins with a bottle of wine, or elegant dinner napkin bearing their initial or beautiful guest towels with a box of soaps. They are just beautiful and super affordable. People often email me when they get their order to say how gorgeous they are and how they cannot believe the prices! Last day for a monogrammed linen order is Nov. 30th. Click here to see them on online shop.

Guest towels come in white linen with ecru or white  monogram or ecru linen with black monogram 3 for $20.00!

I love the oversized dinner napkins, crisp white linen with oversized monogram 4 for $40.00

Guest towels come in sets of 3 and feature this very oversized fancy scroll monogram for only $20.00!
Where else can you get 12 gorgeous linen cocktail napkins with an oversized monogram for $40!!

More amazing monogrammed goodies. The monogrammed cutting boards, glasses, and soaps are another hot seller around the holidays. They are affordable, gorgeous and custom. Here are a few gifts about to go out the door to show you how pretty and unique these monogrammed orders are. Best part is they ship out within 2-3 days. I will be taking orders for any of these items up until Dec. 10th. Click here to see these  monogrammed items on my online shop.

You can never ever go wrong with a gorgeous box luxurious customized soaps, they start at only $25.00

 Love the idea of a sterling silver monogrammed necklace....who wouldn't love that!

How about a set of four monogrammed low or high balls? 

Silver anything. I am a huge huge fan of my silver line. It is a beautiful gift to give, and I like to m fill a planter with either a beautiful floral plant, get creative and maybe add a wine or champagne bottle or fill a small one with pretty guest towels....there are many possibilities. Click here to see my silver online.

A few questions I get a lot-

If something is not in stock, what happens? You will get an email within 1-2 days of ordering asking if you want to wait (with an estimated wait time) or you will have the option for a full refund.

Do you ship internationally? Yes but not all things. Porcelains and candles are fragile and super heavy to ship which means its risky and very expensive. So I do not ship porcelains or other breakables internationally. International shipping is always billed separately. If you want an estimate before you purchase just email me.

Will I be getting new products for Christmas? I will be offering up the remainder of the steals and deals the first week after Thanksgiving and that will be the end of that (last batch).  After that I will be concentrating on fulfilling shop orders in a short window. I am (due in any day) getting in these exceptional finds from Vagabond House, if you don't know of them they make the most exquisite pewter items, incredible and heirloom quality, everything comes in a beautiful box ready for gift giving me if you want anything below, I know these will go fast! I am offering them at a specially discounted price on this post before they get to my shop.

Getting in a limited number (2-3 of each) of these magnificent tole items! Great gift for yourself:)

These wonderful oversized decorative canisters would add such elegance to any setting they are used in, gorgeous black and rich red....

 This beautiful tole chinoiserie table is to die for and is an unbelievable price $295.00!

And from Vagabond House these items are new additions........LOVE this line!
 Pheasants salt and pepper $80.00 for pair
 Gorgeous gravy boat $200.00

Acorn/leaf gravy boat $120.00

 Pheasant and stoneware napkin ring ($16.00 each)

 Acorn and leaf dip bowl  $55.00

How about this magnificent gravy boat or in this case they used it as an individual soup tureen?

 Gorgeous squirrel nut bowl  $250.00

 Pewter horse atop stoneware napkin ring $16.00 each

And these cheese pick sets are the perfect hostess gift.....whimsical, practical and elegant!

And of course my top selling squirrel nut bowl with pewter squirrel and acorn scoop (5 left) $85.00

And last new things are just added to my European kitchen line...LOVE these items!! These are as beautiful as they are practical. Brand new additions.....perfect for that cook, entertainer or hostess with style! As these are brand new, they are not yet online, if you want one just email me. They will be added sometime next week under European Kitchen. I am so excited about getting these! Click here to see all the European Kitchen goodies online.

Super thick heavy cutting boards... love the scalloped shape, it gives it that special "it" factor

13" x 22.5" x 2.5' $135.00

Geometric cutting board two sizes large 14" x 14" x 2.5' $130.00 and med.

Same geometric design also available as a trivet 14" x 14" x 2" $80.00

Do I giftwrap? I am sorry I do not. I am a one person operation and suffice to say I simply cannot though I don't blame you for asking:) I jump at the chance for free wrap when I can (as long as they do a pretty job of course:)

          And finally I get asked for advice during the holidays on a great hostess gift, so here are a few top picks and ones that I give over and over....

A great hostess gift, any of the monogrammed linens (many under $20-40),  anything monogrammed, like a box of monogrammed soaps or a monogrammed ice bucket and I LOVE the gorgeous crystal urn candles with the most heavenly gardenia scent (triple scented which means even a small candle fills an entire room with the most delicious scent) that are refillable!! The smalls are $45.00 and are so exquisite. One of my favorite things!  Click here to see these candles on my online shop.

 These make wonderful gifts I also always have one burning in my powder room and  kitchen when I have guests
 The second how old world it feels
This is the "big daddy" 50 oz of pure gardenia heaven. It is so beautiful lit! I have one next to my tub:)

Also giving one of these guest towel or cocktail holders is a practical and very elegant gift. I like to purchase a package of pretty napkins and put them in and then wrap up with pretty! All of these are found on my silver shop online, click here to see them.

Another great gift is getting one of the small bread boards or small olive trays and adding cheeses and/or fruit, crackers, etc....and making it the ultimate gift basket. I did that a few times and to say it went over well is an understatement!

And if you are thinking of a little something for yourself, or a special something for a mom or sister....the alpaca remains one of my most favorite items. Seeing is believing...and these are as luxurious as it gets! Just got in the reversible capes that were sold out, only 1 or 2 of each color so if you were one of the people wanting one.....don't miss out!

I am offering them at a special promotional price of $340.00 (they retail for $500). This is something you will have forever and want to use me, I do! Click here to see the line. If you want to order contact me as the promotional price is not online.

As of right now, all colors in stock (for a limited time)

vicuna/light beige
charcoal /red

A few other faves from this line are the single colored wrap, the luxurious fingerless gloves and the ultimate bathrobe (cozy doesn't begin to describe)

Last are the boxwoods which have been really popular lately.......thinking that they are perfect for the holidays. The quality of these boxwoods is the best I have seen. I love boxwood and these are magnificent. The nursery only makes a certain number and there are a few styles already sold out. The 4" and 6" boxwood balls and 16" wreaths are finished for the season. A few other styles are getting close to selling out. So if there is something your eye on don't wait too long or feel free to email me about its availability! Click here to see boxwood online.


Is this the cutest thing you have ever seen? Mini  4" boxwood topiaireis! Perfect for a place setting for the this little guy:)

Click on storefront to visit my shop but remember many things here that are new or special promotion are not there so you must contact me at

So...that's a wrap up of whats happening with my little online shop. I do have some wonderful new finds that will be added after the holiday hoopla....the whole idea is to keep on growing and continuing to fill a void for beautiful,  old world, affordable home accessories so if there is something that you want to see and don't me and let me see what I can do. I think you will love some of the new additions coming in.  Your opinions are most valued!  Thanks as always for stopping in and hope you have a fabulous and wonderful day!

Email me at with any inquiries or questions.

Don't  forget I just announced my next contest...."Hooray for the holidays", send in your pictures and don't forget to look for "photo ops" over Thanksgiving:)

The new theme is "Hooray for the Holidays". I am accepting pictures for anything having to do with the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas) up until Dec. 4th. I will run the contest through Dec. 8th and announce a winner on Monday, Dec.9th. I have already gotten some beauties so send yours in!

No rules...however you interpret "Hooray for the Holidays". Could be a favorite meal, your home all decked out, your Thanksgiving table, a pretty table setting from a holiday past, a pet or child showing their spirit, etc.....I know I am in for a treat, your talents and inspirations always blow me away. Same rules, two pictures per entrant, you must put Hooray for the Holidays in the subject line of your email (I get a ton of email and don't  want it lost in the shuffle).

A reminder that these must be your pictures (not necessarily of your home but pictures that belong to you, not taken off internet)

Email me your pictures to Thank in advance for entering, you have a little over 2 weeks to send them in! I will also hold a Christmas themed contest in early Jan so get those cameras ready!

If you  missed the Tale of two showhouses yesterday where I took you in depth tour of two magnificent not miss it, click here to see!  OK, that's all...I promise, I really do:)

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