The tale of two showhouses....

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Moving onto one of my favorite subjects.......designer showhouses!  I attended not one but two show houses recently and there were so many lovely things to share that it warranted its very own post:) I love show houses but have to say I have been disappointed in recent years over them and don't remember going to many that I loved, at least not the way I used to.

 I used to come home and dream of what I saw and felt so inspired to start sprucing up my own house......but that has not been the case in recent years, most have disappointed with a few winning rooms amidst a bunch of underwhelming  and lackluster ones. So these were both a treat.... even if some of these rooms were not exactly my taste they were done really well and I had a definite  appreciation for the attention to detail, the imagination and creativity used and how they went the "extra mile".  I am excited to share with you some of the beauty today! Ready to come inside?

House (if you can call it that) number one. The first house was done in the most palatial turn of the century masterpieces built for the famed Guggenheim Family in Sands Point, NY. Called Hempstead House, or the Sands Point Preserve, it sits on one of the most prime spots overlooking the Long Island sound, affording it practically a panoramic view. Built in 1917, it is really something to behold!  If you want to find out more about this architectural gem, click here.


 Even if there wasn't a single piece of furniture it would be worth it to visit just to take in the majesty and grandeur...oh if only those walls could talk! Today it is owned by the county and serves as a museum and is a registered landmark. It was a positively regal home to have a showhouse in! Come inside.....

 Pretty breathtaking...don't you think?
 Upon entering there is a massive sunken Palm court (foyer to most of us little people)
 The dining room....interesting how they made it all white and so modern, it was a great twist, very Phillipe Starck!

 This massive sunroom with the most amazing stonework became a billiards room...a very big one! (done by Keith Baltimore) I could see some serious parties in this space!

 Of course my eye went straight to the magnificent Provence planter...really love this one!

Upon entering the magnificent and very palatial living room done beautifully by Safavieh Home which took the award for best room

 This one picture has me rethinking my own breakfast room with a much smaller bay of windows but its the same idea....LOVE the window seat and all the pillows!

 It was a very dramatic space.....with 16 foot ceilings!

 The windows were amazing at every turn!

Onto the family room which is piggybacked to the living has a similar style architecturally, same windows,etc.....

 You don't see fireplaces like this anymore!
 Or ceilings like this one!

 Or how about this absolutely incredible limestone stair one time looks like an organ lived up there!

Upon entering what I thought was the prettiest bedroom of the house...and what a way to be greeted!

 This was the "bridal room" done by Liz Cordeiro, it was quite beautiful and overlooks the sound!

 The faux fur throws gave it a very Hollywood retro vibe...super glamorous!
 In another room which didn't excite me, I was impressed with the creative approach to filling the interesting!

 This bedroom was like a throwback, it was done really well and authentically. I almost felt swept away to another era.

And check out these killer views.....they were beyond words!

 The back of the house, unfortunately the sun was so bright, it made taking pictures from the back challenging we go, a little better!

 That is yet another mansion built on the same property, rumor has it for the wife and her "boyfriend"
 A side view of the magnificent porte cochere.....amazing!

 It looks more like a university than a home....but it was such a treat to visit! I love being taken back to earlier times and it was easy to imagine the living large, the parties, the holidays, that all took place here...magical!

Moving along to the second house, a  much more manageable and "human sized" abode  but nevertheless a very  stately home, the kind of house you walk in and can actually imagine living in. I thought this was really well done.  It is a home built in around 1920 but it was lovingly restored an felt fresh and new. Very very charming. Come on inside.....

Darling and charming the Scalamandre paper!

Very cozy den/ the more transitional take in a very traditional room

Now entering the living room, done in very pale powdery blues and creams.....

Loved the sunroom done by Rinfret group! Recognize the lantern from the custom tole line I carry!

Moving along outside to the patio....I wouldn't do orange myself but it really worked here and was so "fall like"....

Charming herb garden

How perfectly round are those mums!
Love the old brick walkway around the garden

Fell in love with these uber charming topiaries!!

Beautiful dining room courtesy of Barbara of Hampton Hostess well done!

Cozy sitting area off the kitchen

Interesting tile mosaic backsplash...always fun to see the new trends!

This was a small study off the kitchen but sooo cozy and so well done complete with tiny wet bar

Eat in breakfast space......
Breakfast room looking into the kitchen

Gotta love this laundry room...this could anyone excited to do laundry! Such a feel good room.......

Welcome to a guest room or a great teenage girls room....nicely done!

You know I loved the bathroom that went with it....I spy blue and white!

Up on the third floor was a bonafide mancave, my sons would LOVE this were dark though.

Back to the living room.....

And that glorious sunroom.....

And that great bathroom on our way out had to take one last pic!

This beautiful chinoisereie was found in a small vestibule off the foyer

Gorgeous painted ceiling

Outside the foliage was fully ablaze in a rhapsody of color......

Loved this charming little vignette right off the main foyer..........

I haven't seen this before, but how beautiful! Mirror around the fireplace.....very very pretty!

Back to the dining room...told you there is no rhyme or reason to the sequence of these pictures!

Living room.....

Heading upstairs.....(again)!

Small but charming master bath and bedroom.....

So there you have it! Which house do you like more? Obviously one is like a museum and though it was incredible to would be hard to imagine living there. However with a staff as they used to have it....maybe I would reconsider:) They were a treat to attend and it restored my faith in one of my favorite pastimes, going to designer showhouses! Hope you enjoyed...did you have a favorite room?

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