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Hello there, can you believe  Thanksgiving is this week....just a few more days! I am feeling a little better but not 100%, thanks to all who asked. I pushed myself to go to the party Sat. and it was quite spectacular (took some pics which I will share down on a random musings post) but still not quite right, it's been some week. Hoping this week will be much better!  Maybe a nice big Thanksgiving dinner is just what I need:)

My how 2013 has flown...its been a good year but I am one for even numbers so bring on 2014! I must admit I am starting to get anxious just thinking about all that lies ahead to do for December. I really tried to make November a productive month and it actually was, but I feel like the real test is to get uber organized and on task and come up with a finely detailed holiday prep game  plan to be sure I can keep December as stress free as possible. Any tips....please pass them on!

Here is the exercise today....imagine you have gathered all those you love and hold near to your heart to celebrate Thanksgiving...... so now you get to choose a Thanksgiving table. Imagine the Thanksgiving fairies are going to descend upon your home and dazzle up your dining room in your choice from those below. Wouldn't that be amazing if such a think really existed? And if they include clean up soup to nuts.........I would be first in line to sign up!

So feast your eyes (pun intended) on these delectable settings...which most speaks to you?
I set it up poll style (you can vote for two) but of course if you still want to leave me a comment you know how much I love hearing from you! Gobble gobble......

















This almost makes me wish I was hosting Thanksgiving. Actually.........on second thought I am going to enjoy being a guest and reaping all the benefits of an amazing meal and leftovers the next day! Believe me I will pay my dues... I am hosting a family Christmas party for 50 and Christmas day dinner!! Hope you enjoyed...can't wait to see which comes out on top. Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping in!

Two important things before I go--

1. Be sure to enter the contest for the two fabulous Seda France chinoiserie pillow giveaway! I will be choosing a winner next weekend...click here to enter!

2. Don't forget as you prep and celebrate Thanksgiving to not miss any photo ops! Details below.....

The new theme is "Hooray for the Holidays". I am accepting pictures for anything having to do with the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas) up until Dec. 4th. I will run the contest through Dec. 8th and announce a winner on Monday, Dec.9th. I have already gotten some beauties so send yours in!

No rules...however you interpret "Hooray for the Holidays". Could be a favorite meal, your home all decked out, your Thanksgiving table, a pretty table setting from a holiday past, a pet or child showing their spirit, etc.....I know I am in for a treat, your talents and inspirations always blow me away. Same rules, two pictures per entrant, you must put Hooray for the Holidays in the subject line of your email (I get a ton of email and don't  want it lost in the shuffle).

A reminder that these must be your pictures (not necessarily of your home but pictures that belong to you, not taken off internet)

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