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Good morning! After many many inquires about advertising/sponsors on my blog I have decided to let a few carefully chosen sponsors place an ad on my blog. If you are interested all you need to do is email me with your information. I will send you the rates and details...and if we are a great match  made in heaven then your ad will appear within a few weeks. I will offer 1 month, 3 and 6 month subscriptions for ads. All ads will include a guest post on your brand, its a great way to get the word out about what you do, sell,etc......

I will be accepting ads that naturally are a great fit with my style and my readership, so anything having to do with all my favorite subjects including but not limited to interior design, bedding, cooking, fashion, online shops, high end etsy shops, decorating,etc........I have so far, partnered with two wonderful companies  and will take another handful to start. Contact me here for more

Moving along......

Some new store biz.....knee deep in starting to receive and process all the Annbel Ingall handbag orders! The first batch has arrived and I will be getting in bags all this week. I ordered some extras of some of the best selling colors so for today only am extending my special promotional pricing which is below. If you are interested don't miss out....they do not ever sell for these prices!

 The wonderful crossbody, Jojo retails for $320 and the special price is $255.00, very chic looking bag.


 Midnight blue



Then there is the new Coco, a great over the shoulder zippered bag (has three compartments) sells for $495 and I am selling it for $390.
Size is-
10" x 16"


It has three zippered compartments

And the famous tote, comes in both large and med. Sells for $495 and 475, I am selling them for $385.00 for large and $360 for medium.
Sizes are-
Large tote  13" x 22" Med tote  12" x 19"
 Midnight blue

If you are interested in purchasing a bag, contact me with your choice of style and color, if I have it I will send an invoice right away. Invoices are expected to be paid within 24 hours otherwise the bag has the right to go to someone else. I understand if something comes up but if you have committed to buying an item and change your mind I only ask that you let me know.

Besides the things I sell day to day, there is also some  "behind the scenes" selling, like helping out with  peoples weddings, events and special occasions. I carry a lot of things not up on my shop, more like specialty items, such as very oversized hurricanes and candelabras.  So if you are ever looking for something special or hard to find, don't hesitate to contact me.

One of my readers/customers casually mentioned her plight in looking for affordable candelabras and I told her I had a line of them I could show her and it worked out so perfectly, they were far less than anything she had found and she said they came out incredible....cannot wait to see pictures! Also helped someone with 40 blue and white jars that all had to be under 10" now that's one party I really cannot wait to see!! So below are a few things from the line (more for every day) as hurricanes and candle holders are items I get a lot of requests for.....these will soon be added to my online shop, but remember I have very large/oversized pieces too for special events! So if you are ever in need......

The beautiful alpaca wraps are sold as a seasonal item. And the alpaca products are only made in certain quantities per season,hand made on a farm upstate NY. The story is really quite incredible. As a final offer on the incredible wraps (I have had mine almost 10 years and it sill looks brand new) and is so much easier to wear than a big heavy coat. Normally these sell for $495.00   but I am offering them right now for $ 275.00. that an exceptionable price and almost HALF for such a high quality wrap. The colors they are available in are below (subject to availability)!

Colors in stock right now (down to 1 or 2 of each color so subject to availability)

light grey
hunter green

The silver items are definitely one of my all time most popular items. These four planters are the best selling planters. A price increase from my manufacturer as of Jan. 1st means I too have to raise my price (marginally) so don't miss out if you have had your eye on any of these beauties!  They will be going up by the weekend. Click here to see all the silver items.

Also very excited to be adding a bunch of  beautiful new styles to the incredible "seeing is believing" line of statuary that looks just like old antique statuary but can lifted with on hand.  Seeing this line in person is the only way to fully appreciate how amazing (and well priced) this line is!  Almost every time a customer has received their order they have emailed me over the moon with how gorgeous they are. and the price point is incredible. Here are the new goodies (all available now) but will not be added to my shop until next week.

10 X 29 rectangular windowbox $140.00

28 x 9 "buttons" windowbox $130.00

French garland windowbox 29 x 11 $135.00 (available in one of six colors)

Gorgeous Florentine planter 18 x 18 x 25 $135.00

Another beauty, this urn measures 17 x 17 x 24 $130.00

A regal looking urn, 17 x 17 x 24

Stunning cherub planter 18 x 18 x 14 $140.00

They also carry some beautiful sconces/brackets that can be ordered in one of ten finishes, thinking of carrying them as I do get frequent requests, would love your thoughts!

Amazing line don't you think! This line is HUGE, there are hundreds of planters and garden accessories, so if you are looking for a particular item or size, contact me....chances are they have it!  Again all the urns will be up on my site hopefully next week but are for sale now, so don't hesitate to contact me. Share your thoughts on the brackets/sconces, yay or nay?

And very excited about these items due in next week.........I am now taking orders on anything below as they are due in soon and tend to sell really fast.

Set of three wonderful vintage feeling flower boxes, but could see a million other uses too! $55.00 for 3
A pretty set of three elegant planters, always love to keep these on hand, they make gift giving even the simplest flower so much more elegant! $60.00 for 3
Love the set of three Anduze planters, in both white and the palest blue $50.00 for 3
$50.00 for 3

Super excited about having gotten these gorgeous vintage feeling mirrored vanity pieces. I had carried the first two items which sold out right away, was thrilled to get my hands on more, am sure they will go fast!

Set of three gorgeous ornate silver lidded etched jars (Sm, med and large) $ 80.00 for set of 3
Stunning etched French vanity box $45.00 (measures 4 x 4 x 5)
Set of 3 vanity boxes with etched jars and lids $75.00
Vintage feeling glass etched bottles set of 3 $70.00
Beautiful mirrored Paris jar/jug $50.00

Get a lot of requests for art...... anyone who knows me knows I LOVE crests ( I must have been a royal in my former life lol). So I was super excited to discover this amazing line of crest prints and pictures. These are high quality and best part is there is a choice of 14 frames that it can be done in. So you get to completely customize your pictures, I hope to have all these goodies on my online shop by next week but they are available to order now if you cannot wait:)

This collection has a total of 16 framed crests in the collection so it would make a fabulous collage wall, whether you put just two or 16, these are amazing! They retail for about $400 each, I will be selling them for $255.00 each.

These are just three of the 16 available....all are exquisite and would make the ultimate gallery wall!

Love these and have already ordered a pair of my own (for my sons room) Think these are fabulous!
Showing them in two different frames.....

And last but certainly not least...a subject near and dear to my heart,  blue and whites! Got a bunch of new pieces,  but there is only one or two of each item so these will not be up on my site. Here are a few to entice you, to see the rest just take a look at the Pinterest board I created by clicking here. If you want to make an inquiry kindly refer to the row and picture order. So if its the second row, third picture, etc......I can send you info, sizing and pricing.

Some great mid sized planters in hard to find sizes ( about 11 x 12)....

And some gorgeous ginger jars and vases....

As always email me at with any inquiry about any of the items shown on this page.

So that's whats happening over here! I have a bunch of exciting new things heading this way and I am super thrilled to be sharing it with you.

Also yesterday announced the start of my newest contest, KITCHEN LOVE. Now taking your pictures and I have already gotten some beauties, details below.....

My new contest is called Kitchen Love. A subject near and dear to our hearts, the heart of the home. Send in your pictures of your kitchen or it can be a snippet of your kitchen, something that makes your kitchen special and beautifully yours. I cannot wait to start getting the entries! Rules are-

Max. two pictures per entrant
They must be your pictures (not taken off the internet)
Please send your pictures to
You must put Kitchen Love in subject line to insure it is received and included
I am accepting pictures as of today and the deadline is Feb. 8th
The contest will begin Feb. 10th and run for two days.
The lucky winner will receive this beautiful large Spanish olive tray, a gorgeous addition to any kitchen!

Thanks as always for stopping in...wishing you a wonderful day!  We are due to get up to a foot of snow later today!!!!!!! Going to run out while I can as I am a nervous nelly driving in ice and snow. I suddenly have a longing for spring, flinging open my windows and hearing the birds chirp, and you? Until next time.........

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