My newest obession.......

Good Friday evening to you..... I have always wanted to possess the talent to paint and draw and do it WELL. So before you get all jealous over my incredible painting skills, I have a little secret to tell you about......though this "secret" is really not much of a secret lately:)  I am actually not a half bad drawer but lets just say my painting could use some work:) Enter Waterlogue, the newest app which is being hailed as the next great thing!

It could not be easier to use, you download it, take a picture and before your very eyes within seconds a full color painting appears of your picture. It is AMAZING. And yes my OCD has me a little obsessed with it. I printed out a few of these and am thinking of blowing them up a bit and getting them framed.....I mean seriously how great is this little invention! The possibilities are endless and I am just getting started:)

I just took my iPhone around the house and started snapping away. (my blue and whites made an excellent subject and were way more cooperative than Mr. Teddy who finds technology ridiculous and gave me dirty looks while trying to have him pose).....with a quick press of a button my images were instantly transformed into beautiful watercolors!So here are a few examples of how cool  this is, and if you don't know  of it, I highly suggest you get it....I promise you will have a lot of of fun with it!

You can control many things, and there are about 10 options as to what kind of painting you want as well as making it lighter or darker...painting was never so easy:)

Now here are some other examples taken from the Waterlogue site......

It's OK....go ahead call me obsessed, you are right, I will admit it:)  Until the next big thing comes along:) Seriously this is such a nifty little app........with endless possibilities! I just may blow a few of these babies up and frame them..technically they would technically  be originals, lol.

Click here to find out more about Waterlogue, and thanks for stopping in. Hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable and hopefully snow free weekend!

Last day to enter your kitchen into my KITCHEN LOVE contest. I am starting the contest this Sunday one day ahead of schedule due to a few conflicts. Be ready to be wowed!! Send your pictures (2 max) to by Sat (noon is the deadline). Thank you! 

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