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Hi there! Whew.....I have made it through what I knew would be a hectic crazy week, and it sure lived up the hype..... and then some! We had our party on Wed. and it was A LOT of work, felt more labor intensive this year because I had had a very hectic/not so great day leading up the evening, got the beginning of a migraine, my son had a horrible bloody nose then developed a cough by late afternoon, my cleaning lady/helper called in sick very last was NUTS! Then around 6 I started feeling very nauseous and this stayed with me the whole evening and all day Thursday. And all this while trying to prepare for 50 PEOPLE!!  I kept looking at Teddy lounging in his cozy little bed, wishing we could trade places and then fantasized about being able to put on my robe, hit the bed and just politely explain to my guests that they were welcome to stay as long as they wanted, eat and drink to their hearts content but I needed to say good night. Ever had that kind of feeling? Of course, I persevered and by the time midnight rolled around.... I started to do my happy dance knowing it was just about over. Call me a scrooge, I promise next year will be a whole different story! It was a wonderful party and its so great to get the entire clan together, just wish I had been feeling better but alls well that ends well and we did have a great time!

I can't believe Christmas is in 3 short days! Amazing, with the blink of an eye it will here and gone and we will be talking about......Valentines Day? LOL. Anyway hope things are calm and under control over there. I prepared part of this post in advance, since I knew the kind of week I would be having. In any case I start as always with house updates, as I have been saying for a long time, its all about the finishing at this point but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter!!

HOUSE UPDATES The big news this week is the front entrance is 95% done and if I may say so myself, looking fabulous. I really do love it! Then backsplash got completed in kitchen, another thing I am loving. Lots of little things getting buttoned up this week. By next week dare I say we will have some fully completed spaces? Do you know how long I have waited to say that!!!! The end is near, at last! So happy to know sooner than later I will finally be home!!  Here's the low down on whats going on around here......

Backsplash put up on either side of hood going all the way up
Went very classic and simple, wanted to keep it understated feeling
Pardon the stove, and the "thing" to your left wil be the pot filler in case you are wondering!

Put the subways all the way up and glad I did!

Hallway/vestibule is done leading from family room to bar, the 'window" on right is open to the butlers pantry

Moldings in tower getting primed

Opening between two hutches is painted and done....

Loving my wire. I promise I am getting you the company info for all who asked!

Painting over the silver crest, it was a beauitful color but since there is so little wall space, having a color there looks odd, so we are going with an rich creamy off white and doing the trim 2 shades lighter....this is first coat

And may I pesent to you the first and only "cleaned" room in the house, the butlers pantry! We still haven't uncovered the floors and will do so right when we move!

Got the slightly smaller hardware, and glad I did!

A FEW GREAT RECIPES FROM FELLOW BLOGGERS. This year, I didn't cook the dinner for our annual Chrsitmas family party, for a few reasons, we had it catered and it was wonderful, and I instead made all the appetizers (my favorite part anyway) and took care of the desserts. I have some staples in my appetizer repertoire such as mini crab cakes, mini blinis with caviar, a large baked pecan coated brie, delicious mini empanadas, a huge Italian platters of various cheeses, sausages, olives, mushrooms, crostini,etc.....but added a few new ones thanks to some blogging friends and they were so good that I have to share them! So below are two of the ones along with links to those website if you are interested in getting the recipe. I made the baked brie bites to do a test run one day last week (and gobbled up the entire batch, I know bad girl) but had to make sure they passed muster for my guests....and they did! The crab stuffed mushrooms were fabulous as well and great for large crowds, as they are both easy finger foods.

BAKED BRIE BITES (A 10+ out ot 1-10)

Viist for the recipe:


Viisit for the recipe:

MY CHRISTMAS DECOR AND WRAPPING.  Being in a rental is not condusvie to being in blogland, with so much inspiration!! So though I already did a post on my Christmas decor here are a few newly updated pictures. I am done and though we aren't in our new house, as I would have wished, i made the most of where we are (in the rental) and it really does feel quite festive and i think the magic and spirit of the holiday comes from within not from the beautiful decorations, dont' you think? I also share some pictures of right before our party began and then surprise surprise my battery ran out! (There was no time to charge, oh well next year)!

One day I will figure out how to use this camera properly...the lighting was so pretty but now I see its totally blurry!

Setting up a small round table of appetizers
I always put out a big tray of fruit, to offset any guilt by indulging in all the "good stuff"!

My baked brie en croute in the process
Notice the close proximity of the wine....yea, no accident!
Thanks Vicky from French Essence!!!! Love these.......

A FEW THINGS I WON! I really never win anything, (almost never) but lately have been on a bit of a winning streak! I got this adorable evergreen wreath (which I am still dressing up a bit) courtesy of Emily from Splendid Market and this fabulous book,  Savoring the Hamptons, which I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys cooking and the Hamptons from Doreen over at  Style Maniac who worked with Books and Books in Westhampton. I won it after submitting a short story as to why I chose a certain book for a certain someone. Isn't winning something just awesome!  I am just like a kid! And last I was sent those gorgeous votives up there done in mercury class with a beautiful motif, courtesy of Vicky from French Essence  and you bet I put them to good use right away!! Thank you everyone!

MONOGRAMS! You know I love my monograms and I saw this over at Kates blog, Party Resources and thought this was the cutest thing! I can think of several ways to use these amazing monograms, and you can be sure when I have recovered from Christmas i am ordering myself one (and maybe a few gifts) How cute and creative are these!! They come in several sizes and come in unpainted wood so you can do with them what you wish! Love the here to visit Southern Proper monograms!

So everyone this is it! My last post before Christmas, well I will post an official "Merry Christmas" post but it won't be of any real length, just a greeting, but I will be back next week hopefully declaring (with reserved optimism) that we are on the brink of moving! THAT is all I want for Christmas, hope you are listening Santa!! Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday and peace and sanity during these last few days leading up to Christmas!! Jingle jingle......


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