Mid week musings........

Good morning, the sun is out and after a dreary bout of rainy, very humid weather, its nice to wake up to bright skies and cooler weather....hope you are off to having a great day. My week has been hectic but I have resigned myself to the fact that this is the way its going to be until June. Then hopefully the summer will bring about a state of calm and relaxation, ahhh....feel more relaxed just thinking about that possibility.  The peace of my little hiatus last weekend has long worn off and I am ready for another:) I can't believe memorial day is just around the corner, time is going by so quickly. Before you know it we will be inundated with fall fashions and back to school supplies in the stores again...ugh!

I have been trying this week to get refocused on my house again. I have admittedly been burning it on both ends and feel like certain aspects to getting this house together have fallen to the wayside. So I have devoted this next week to attacking my 'priority list" of what I really need and want to get cracking on. Namely the living room and finding fabric for the dining room chairs which I have already selected. So tomorrow I have a full day planned to do just that.

A few things on the home front and a few odds and ends with my store.......

Finally got my ant. mirrored top for my island, this space is nearly done, now just need to paint the top perimeter molding which is still in its base coat. Nice to see a space come together, last step is the window treatments (in a few weeks). I think I have won the battle on the carpet for our bedroom. I am just not an "area rug" for the bedroom kind of gal. Not saying it doesn't look beautiful but to me, the feel and look of a plush yummy carpeting under your feet (especially in the winter) cannot be beat. Just my humble opinion. So....that's another project, finding the right carpet. Then I cannot wait to put on my magnificent monogrammed bedding, work on window treatments and possibly look for a replacement for the wallpaper that I had so loved for so long only to find out its now only on custom order and prohibitively expensive!

Everything is looking so beautiful around the yard, with everything in full bloom, its heavenly. Remember this is our first spring here so theres a surprise at every turn. When I walk around utterly overwhelmed with how much there is left to do, seeing nature in all its beauty makes me smile and instantly calms me...... 

The small pond we hope to restore one day...sigh, adding to the growing list of "projects"

One of the beautiful original benches.....

The original birdbath......

Gorgeous rhododendrons in full bloom!

Original planters from the old house

Added this urn to my vignette......like the way it breaks it up a bit

And guess what came in 2 days ago.....yep, my wallpaper for the bathroom. Cannot wait!

I also am thinking about furnishing the covered porch/loggia.....such a great space and one I think we could easily use 3/4 of the year...this is the look I am  leaning towards, what do you think?

I see this with a beautiful stone table a few oversized palms, gorgeous lanterns.......I am going to make a mood board and share it with you to get your opinions. This furniture here is from Lane Venture.

On the store front...... I am really enjoying it but frankly,  was not prepared for how much time it takes up and learning and trying to pace myself. That said, I get immense satisfaction out of helping others pull their homes together and LOVE getting the emails from all of you telling me how much you are enjoying your new goodies!!  A few things worth noting-

  • The bell jar lanterns will be going up approx. 20% by the end of May, these are still sold for about half of what they are sold for in design stores across the country, in Greenwich, Beverly Hills and Atlanta, these exact lanterns are sold for approx. $550. For anyone who knows these lanterns, you will recognize the exceptional pricing. Even with the increase they will still be far less than my competitors. 

  • The linens will also have a price increase by the end of May. My manufacturer has raised their prices therefore I must too, but again i can assure you they are still going to be very affordable and a real deal for monogrammed napkins.

  • The porcelains section is going to be "revamped", some of those items I have one or two pieces left of, so you will see several items removed from the online store and in June, new items will be added.

  • The statuary line is going to be expanded and several fabulous  new pieces are being added. In addition, every piece is offered  in 5 different finishes!! Also, this line is quite extensive, and many of who have emailed me about larger planters, urns and statuary. If you tell me what specifically you are looking for, I can send over pictures with dimensions,pricing,etc......the line is truly fabulous!!
                       This is the finish I carry now and is the most popular.....

               But now all pieces will also be offered in these beautiful finishes too.........

New items soon to be offered.......

Just got in a pair of these for a cusotmer in CT. how gorgeous are they!!

  • I am not going to carry the topiaries after the end of May. Though they are really beautiful, its cumbersome to ship and I have sold all of the ones I had in stock. Perhaps down the road, this could change but for now i am going to concentrate on the other items

  • I will be adding to the exquisite Vagabond pewter line which is absolutely gorgeous...some beautiful pieces soon to be added!

  • I am also not going to carry the brackets, beyond the end of the month, I will honor all orders placed until then but again i have found these to be somewhat fragile, large to ship and damages are more frequent with this kind of item, which is a shame because they are so beautiful!

  • The silver line which is overall probably my best selling category, with a few close seconds like the porcelains and European kitchen,  will get a few more pieces added very soon. Also the flower bowl which I have been sold out of and will not get more of until later June.....well, found one box "hidden". I know a few had wanted it, have one left...first come first serve!

So that wraps up changes and additions that will be taking place. I am still very much in the learning curve of having and operating an online store. Part of the ebbs and flows, is learning as you go along and 'adjusting" as necessary. I will always keep you in the loop and cannot thank you enough for your patronage, support and business. So....whats new and exciting over on your end? Wishing everyone a fabulous Thursday......


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