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Hello there, I am soooooo happy its the  weekend. I seriously need some major downtime to do absolutely nothing. Except for dinner plans tonight, a casual BBQ tomorrow and one game, we have little on the agenda and that is music to my ears. Last week was an exceptionally crazy week, that kind of week where every single minute is accounted for, I barely had quality time with my beloved computer and blogland and I missed it so much, it's my "happy place". So finally a chance to sit down for a bit and catch up on all I have missed and share my weekly musings with you. Here we go......

HOUSE. One exciting thing is that I am getting closer to pulling the trigger on my chinoiserie paper for the dining room. Woo hoo! Once the chairs came in it made me want to complete that room once and for all. So I stumbled across a picture a few weeks ago that was an aha moment for me, the colors were spot on and it has since become my reference for what I want the paper to look like (though a slightly different design). Take a look and also a window treatment I am considering that I think will look fabulous in that room. I am getting exited at the thought of finishing this room!

And here is my room in its current state with its boring whitish walls...

ORCHIDS. I love orchids. Honestly to me they are actually a bargain flower. When you consider how long they last.....they are so worth the money.  Lets say you spend $75.00 on an orchid, a dozen roses or a large bunch of beautiful flowers could easily cost that and they last, what a week if you are lucky....the orchid on the other hand, at least a few months!

Its like the gift that keeps on giving. So every few months I pick up a few here and there. I have one place that carries sensational orchids which are pricey but worth it but truth be told I have picked up orchids at places like Whole Foods and Home Depot for next to nothing and had them last a long time. So picked up 8 new plants and added some to a very large tole planter from Italy that I have had a while.....

GORGEOUS TOLE. One of my most favorite things I carry in my online shop is the new custom line of tole. It is truly exceptional in every way. I have placed a few orders lately and one was my very own! I ordered the blue and white chinoiserie lamps I have been wanting for oh about eight years! I looooove them and am now working on getting the shades. Maybe this will finally prompt me to finish my room once and for all!!

 On top of that I took a little trip and got to visit the factory, I am working on a few custom lighting orders right now so it was worth the trip. This is a source that the top designers in the world use and their products grace the most sensational homes.  I was in tole nirvana, seriously the beauty stopped me dead in my tracks. I wanted one of everything!!! They work with Benjamin Moore colors and every single pieces is customized to your specifications. The work is out of this world! Click here to see my gallery online of some of the many pieces they do. Check out the beauty......

 A lantern for a current customer, primed and waiting the customization

 Love this oversized tray table...isn't it stunning!

 Custom dog lamp....you provide a pic of your pooch and a lamp in his/her honor is made up!

 Part of the customization process..we are finalizing colors for this gorgeous lantern!

 And this one is in the works too.....love it!
 Just ordered this for a customer, isn't she a beauty!

 LOVE these sconces too.....need to have them!
 Seriously...just being there gave me serious heart palpitations!

 Mr. Charles Faudree has used this particular one a lot...love it!
 How wonderful is this amazing mirror? Love the design and fabulous color!

 Brainstorming about where I could personally use both of these beauties!!

Ready to see my lamps? Still need the shades but here they are.......

BOOKS. Got a few books and trying to get back into my old habit of reading on a regular basis. One I just finished that was powerful and quite incredible was Brain on fire I could literally not put it down and read it in 2 days! . A true story of one women's  terrifying account of a mysterious brain disease that takes her over, it is an incredible story! Then the two that follows are on my nightstand ready to be tackled.......

Awesome read!

NEW BEAUTY PRODUCTS!  Always enjoy sharing new products with you that I am loving. This was actually received as a gift which makes it even sweeter! But I would absolutely buy on my own (and will).This is a product I really wanted to try and then I was lucky enough to win it over at my buddy, Stacy's blog South Shore Decorating (on a side note great blog that has an amazing plethora of interior design pictures)

Now, its only been 2 days but so far so good! It does in fact reduce the puffiness under the eyes. It contains the wonder peptite, SNAP,-8 considered to be the safe gentler alternative to Botox and red and green seaweed amongst other key ingredients. So far I am indeed a believer! Thanks Stacy!

A BEAUTIFUL PARTY. "Met" a new blogger, Ashely who had emailed me about my blog,  who has a gorgeous blog, Sparkle Sense  where  she shared this gorgeous bridal luncheon which was thrown in her honor (lucky lady)  that had to be shared. I love all the details, so romantic and beautiful...looks magazine spread worthy, don't you think? To visit the wonderful blog of Sparkle Sense, click here to see more! Stop over and leave her a comment to welcome her to blogland.....it will make her day!

And check her amazingly beautiful wedding photos.....hellooooooo Bride magazine are you paying attention!! Ashley....I love your style!
 LOVE the dress:)
 Stunning colors...stunning bride!
 What a shot!
You made such an exquisite bride (and your groom isn't too bad either:)

SHOP NEWS. One exciting thing I just got in was the stunning line of preserved boxwood I had found not long ago. I am always on the prowl for great new finds and one of the things I was looking for was a high quality preserved boxwood line. Well I found it! I have since placed an order and got in some of the wonderful pieces. They will be added to my online shop this week but if you are interested in placing an order, several pieces are in stock, so feel free to contact me. Take a look.....

 A beautiful double ball topiary, starts at 16" and goes all the way up to a towering 51"!
 These are the half balls, also great for smaller planters
 A classic ball and cone topiary, so elegant!

 The pretty 10" half ball is perfect for planters...

The 10" boxwood balls in my stone anduze planters...for outside

The 10" ball shown with the 6" ball

The bags...without a doubt one of the hottest items I have sold since I have been "in biz"! They went like hotcakes......so I got my third order in and ordered extra of the more popular colors. I had many email me about extra bags and I promised that as soon as all orders shipped I would see what was left so for anyone who is interested, here is what I have. Still being offered at the promotional price of $375 for the large and $355 for the med. As of next week, they will be a permanent fixture on my online shop! Email me with any inquires.

 2 black left in large
 1 blue left in med.
 1 military left in large
2 cream left in large

So that's what is left for now. I am taking orders for the nutmeg and a few other colors coming in soon. Check them out.....

 There are also in addition the above a few new colors coming out, eggplant, a deep green, a dark chocolate and a few of the staples that I have already sold. So stay tuned, and of course email me with any inquires at theenchantedhome@gmail.com

Finally this is one of my all time favorite songs of all time, and this particular performance is sooo amazing, guaranteed to give you chills, tears and maybe both:)  That Charice is one amazing powerhouse! I want to see her in concert......

And one final thought to anyone with a daughter, you might find this funny...

hahahahaha, thought you would get a chuckle out of this one!

So that about wraps up what is new and exciting over here. Thanks so  much for stopping in and wishing you a fabulous Saturday and a wonderful weekend.

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